Hi, bro, I’ll share, just got enlightenment. You know about earphones / headphones, right? which is for listening to songs and music from other HP / iPod / mp3 players. Now in the audio community, there is a term called “Burn-in” or burning Earphones so that the sound is more pleasant. how come the earphones are burned ?? Confused right? Check out my explanation below!

First, I explain first about the definition of Earphone & its components….

Definition :

Earphone is a device that can convert electrical energy into sound waves. Used by putting it stuffed into the ear.

Often people confuse earphones with headphones or headsets. According to some encyclopaedias, headphones have the same meaning as two earphones which have headbands worn on the head, while headsets have three meanings namely:

  • the microphone
  • pair of headphones
  • additional tool for using earphones and head transmitters.
  • What is “Burn in” ??

In the context of earphones, “burn in” is a term used for adjusting the diaphragm of the earphone, to fit the original design. Physically, this burn-in process will relax the diaphragm until it finally reaches the expected final state. Much like when we “maximize the engine” the motor / car that we just bought so that the engine becomes nice & smooth. Or when we bend the shoes / sandals we just bought so they are elastic and comfortable to wear.

  • Why do people choose to “Burn-in” earphones after just buying?

Earphones & headphones are still new from the packaging, the sound is usually not as good / comfortable earphones that are often used according to the design of the designer in the factory. Often, people want their earphones to sound as expected as quickly as possible. They don’t want to wait for weeks or months after regular use, so they choose to burn-in the earphones to make it sound better in the first week after purchase.

  • How to burn new Earphone?

Simply put, the burn-in process is done by turning on music through earphones continuously. Some people prefer to use “Pure tone”, “Sine Wave Sweeps”, “Pink Noise”, or “AM / FM Static”. Others recommend using heavy bass music. To be sure, all the methods above do not depend on the model or factory manufacturing.

  • Which method is the most efficient?

There is no scientific evidence that can show one method better than another. Please choose whichever method you like & easy for you.

  • Then during the burn-in process, what’s my earphone, bro?

You put it on the table, in a drawer, under a pillow, or while listening to it. It’s all up to you.

  • Do you have to burn the earphones before you can listen to them?

No. You can directly use your earphones, right after the purchase. Burning in first or not is your choice. During use, maybe you will feel the changes little by little on your earphones. Some people choose to burn-in and hear their earphones periodically to better feel the changes, while others choose not to listen at all until the burning process is complete.

  • How big is the influence of Burn-in on Earphones?

Some people say, the effect is huge and drastic! Some say, the effect is little, or even no effect at all. Usually the magnitude of the effect of burn-in is very dependent on the earphone model itself. If the earphones are good, the results can be very, very comfortable for your ears.

  • How long should the Burn-in process take?

Many people recommend it for about 100 hours for most earphones. Some recommend up to 200 hours or even more. Each earphone needs a different amount of time from each other to reach the “finish” stage, there is no definite provision for the right amount of time for burn-in. The best way is to use the comfort of your ears to determine when the burn-in process is over.

  • So when exactly is the Burn-in process complete? Maybe there isn’t an “over” burn-in?

The main idea of doing a burn-in is to achieve a condition where the sound change on the earphone does not happen again. And Agan will get the right sound, which is exactly according to the ability of the earphone. In that case, regular use of earphones will not cause significant sound changes for years to come. Until maybe your earphones have reached the age limit.

However, some people argue that the burn-in process will not be completed. Their argument is that regular use over a long period of time will continue to make the earphone diaphragm continue to relax and affect its sound. To be sure, it’s still quite safe to say that when the earphone diaphragm reaches the conditions that were originally designed after the burn-in, regular use will not produce significant sound changes to be heard on the earphone.

  • Can there be an error in Burning in?

Your earphones will be at risk of being damaged at any time if you set a very loud volume when Burning in. Some people recommend adjusting the volume to a level that is comfortable for normal listening. Some others suggest that it is set slightly above normal. If you hear sound distortion, or “crackle” when the volume is loud, it means that there has been damage to your earphones. But keep in mind also that using a volume that is too small / slow when burn-in is also not effective. So make sure you adjust the volume to a normal & comfortable to hear, or just a little above it.

  • So actually Burn-in really isn’t it?

Actually the idea of the Burn-in process has always been controversial. Some people think that there is a lot of evidence that can show the success of Burn-in, and some others think that there is also a lot of evidence that shows Burn-in has no effect.

Some people say that this phenomenon is only psychological perception, while others say that there is indeed a physical change in the earphone. But certainly most people still believe that both are true. So there really is a combination between the physical state of the earphones & the psychological state of the listener that makes them feel the change in sound on the earphones. You may believe or be skeptical about this, please determine yourself for yourself.

  • Is there anything else I need to know, bro?

The subject of Burn-in is actually not too complex & confusing, bro, and it is also not something that really must be considered or is an exact science. Opinions, methods, and results vary greatly for each person, every earphone model, and every system. So you still have to try and experiment yourself!

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