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Brave you take Photos with Go Pro 8? Look the review

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GoPro has launched the Hero 8 Black action camera with a number of new enhancements, including the next-stage image stabilization, an integrated frame mounting system, and new accessories such as directional microphones to improve the recording quality .

On the outside, GoPro has removed the previous frame mounting system necessary to mount the camera and instead selects the integrated “folding finger” at the bottom of the camera. The fingers can be folded to the camera when not in use. When opened, they have a bracket that allows the device to be mounted to the bracket. Now, users no longer need to worry about grabbing the installation device required for the previous model, and the built-in finger provides access to the battery and microSD card slot that was once blocked by the frame chassis.

GoPro has also removed the removable lens cover ̵
1 Hero 8 lens is made of Gorilla glass which is twice more resistant to impact of glass on previous Hero models (2 mm thick versus 1.3 mm thick). Removal of the removable lens cover has resulted in a smaller footprint, and a slimmer design makes it easier to place the camera in the pocket. This also means that the camera can no longer attach filters to the lens, which is a major drawback. If you’re worried about endurance, GoPro sells a $20 kit that includes a lens and a protective cover.

Hero 8 even has a lot more improvements in it, at least with HyperSmooth 2.0, the latest version of the GoPro electronic stabilization technology. According to the initial report, the stabilization is very smooth so that your video realism is heavily affected. Fortunately, this function can be activated in several stages so you can shuffle it a bit into the container if it improves the quality.

People who bought GoPro Hero 8 can also look forward to:

LiveBurs T: Record three Seconds of the video – 1.5 seconds before and after pressing the shutter button – with 90 individual images you can browse to find individual images for photos. Likewise, RAW photos can be photographed in photo images, continuous shooting and time lapse.
Time Warp 2.0: Adjust the recording speed setting from real time to quick gesture. Now it includes automatic speed selection instead of asking what speed you want to record, as well as the ability to tap the GoPro screen to increase or decrease speed.
Enhanced SuperPhoto and HDR: SuperPhoto is essentially a smart automatic mode GoPro now allows you to take photos with a greatly reduced motion blur. It also produces images with better contrast and better overall quality under different lighting conditions.
Full HD l Ivestreaming: Previously supported in 720p, Hero 8 can stream directly at 1080p.
New presets and Digital lenses: presets include standard, action, cinematic, and Slo-Mo (as well as the ability to specify special lenses), while narrow, Linear, distortion-free, width and SuperView. Narrow is referred to as the normal smartphone lens, while SuperView expands the recording via digital processing from 4:3 to 16:9.

Other enhancements include the ability to record videos at speeds of up to 100 megabits per second (78 megabits per second) on previous models; The ability to process time-lapse videos out of the camera; and New Horizon Leveling feature in the GoPro Quik app that allows you to fix cases where you accidentally record untargeted video. GoPro will offer a $80 media mod with a directional microphone for microphones in noisy environments. The company also announces LED Light-Light Mod for $50-US $200 and $80 display modes featuring flip-up screens, each with its own resources to store the main battery in your pocket the camera is not downgraded.
GoPro Hero 8 with Accessories

GoPro Hero 8 Black is available for pre-orders now at a price of $399.99 and includes a free SanDisk Extreme SD 32GB card. The Unit will be shipped on October 15th, while retail availability worldwide will start on October 20th. The Media mod, light Mod and Display Mod will be bespoke in December.

Together with GoPro Hero 8, The Company has announced The GoPro Max, a 360-degree camera consisting of two 180-degree lenses, one in front and one in the back. Max offers many of the features mentioned in Hero 8 as well as the Power Panorama mode, which takes a super wide angle shot and converts it into a flat widescreen format. Prices are set at $499.99 and units will be shipped on October 24, with retailers accepting their inventory on October 25.

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