BlackArch is a complete Linux distribution for penetration testers and security researchers. It Is derived from ArchLinux and users can install BlackArch components individually or in groups directly on top of it. The toolset is distributed as an Arch Linux unofficial user repository so you can install BlackArch on top of an existing Arch Linux installation. Packages may be installed individually or by category. The constantly expanding repository currently includes over 1300 tools. All tools are thoroughly tested before being added to the codebase to maintain the quality of the repository. Here the last tools in BlackArch :

u3-pwn2A tool designed to automate injecting executables to Sandisk smart usb devices with default U3 software install
uatester1.06User Agent String Tester
ubertooth2012.10.R1A 2.4 GHz wireless development board suitable for Bluetooth experimentation. Open source hardware and software. Tools only
udis861.7.2A minimalistic disassembler library
udptunnel19Tunnels TCP over UDP packets.
ufo-wardriving4Allows you to test the security of wireless networks by detecting their passwords based on the router model
unicornscan0.4.7A new information gathering and correlation engine.
uniofuzz20131208The universal fuzzing tool for browsers, web services, files, programs and network services/ports
uniscan6.2A simple Remote File Include, Local File Include and Remote Command Execution vulnerability scanner.
unix-privesc-check1.4Tries to find misconfigurations that could allow local unprivilged users to escalate privileges to other users or to access local apps e.g. databases
unsecure1.2Bruteforces network login masks.
upnpscan0.4Scans the LAN or a given address range for UPnP capable devices.
urlcrazy0.5Generate and test domain typos and variations to detect and perform typo squatting, URL hijacking, phishing, and corporate espionage.
username-anarchy0.2Tools for generating usernames when penetration testing
vega1An open source platform to test the security of web applications
veil2.2.0.r116A tool designed to generate metasploit payloads that bypass common anti-virus solutions.
vfeed0.1Open Source Cross Linked and Aggregated Local Vulnerability Database main repository
videosnarf0.63A new security assessment tool for pcap analysis
vinetto0.07betaA forensics tool to examine Thumbs.db files
viproy-voipkit20131102VIPROY – VoIP Pen-Test Kit for Metasploit Framework
vivisect20130901Vivisect is a Python based static analysis and reverse engineering framework, Vdb is a Python based research/reversing focused debugger and programatic debugging API by invisigoth of kenshoto
vnak20131222Aim is to be the one tool a user needs to attack multiple VoIP protocols.
vnc-bypauth0.0.1Multi-threaded bypass authentication scanner for VNC servers <
vncrack1.21What it looks like: crack VNC.
voiper0.07A VoIP security testing toolkit incorporating several VoIP fuzzers and auxilliary tools to assist the auditor.
voiphopper2.04A security validation tool that tests to see if a PC can mimic the behavior of an IP Phone. It rapidly automates a VLAN Hop into the Voice VLAN.
voipong2A utility which detects all Voice Over IP calls on a pipeline, and for those which are G711 encoded, dumps actual conversation to seperate wave files.
volatility2.3A memory forensics toolkit
vulscan2A collection of NSE scripts to turn Nmap into a vuln scanner
w3af1.5Web Application Attack and Audit Framework
waffit30A set of security tools to identify and fingerprint Web Application Firewall/WAF products protecting a website
wapiti2.3.0A vulnerability scanner for web applications. It currently search vulnerabilities like XSS, SQL and XPath injections, file inclusions, command execution, LDAP injections, CRLF injections…
webacoo0.2.3Web Backdoor Cookie Script-Kit
webenum0.1Tool to enumerate http responses using dynamically generated queries and more. Useful for penetration tests against web servers.
webhandler0.8.5A handler for PHP system functions & also an alternative ‘netcat’ handler.
webrute3.3Web server directory brute forcer.
webscarab20120422Framework for analysing applications that communicate using the HTTP and HTTPS protocols
webshag1.1A multi-threaded, multi-platform web server audit tool.
webshells0.r6.690ebd9Web Backdoors
webslayer5A tool designed for brute forcing Web Applications
websploit2.0.4An Open Source Project For, Social Engineering Works, Scan, Crawler & Analysis Web, Automatic Exploiter, Support Network Attacks
weevely1.1Stealth tiny web shell
wepbuster1.0_beta_0.7script for automating aircrack-ng
wfuzz2Utility to bruteforce web applications to find their not linked resources
whatweb0.4.7Next generation web scanner that identifies what websites are running.
wiffy0.2An Automated wifi hacking script
wifi-honey1A management tool for wifi honeypots
wifi-monitor0.r18.4068742Prints the IPs on your local network that’re sending the most packets
wifitap2b16088WiFi injection tool through tun/tap device
wifite2A tool to attack multiple WEP and WPA encrypted networks at the same time
winexe1Remotely execute commands on Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 systems.
winfo2Uses null sessions to remotely try to retrieve lists of and information about user accounts, workstation/interdomain/server trust accounts, shares also hidden, sessions, logged in users, and password/lockout policy, from Windows NT/2000/XP.
wlan2eth1.3re-writes 802.11 captures into standard Ethernet frames.
wmatlatestAutomatic tool for testing webmail accounts
wnmap0.1A shell script written with the purpose to automate and chain scans via nmap. You can run nmap with a custom mode written by user and create directories for every mode with the xml/nmap files inside.
wol-e2A suite of tools for the Wake on LAN feature of network attached computers
wpscan1146.f1ec85aA vulnerability scanner which checks the security of WordPress installations using a black box approach
wsfuzzer1.9.5A Python tool written to automate SOAP pentesting of web services
wyd0.2Gets keywords from personal files. IT security/forensic tool.
xorbruteforcer0Script that implements a XOR bruteforcing of a given file, although a specific key can be used too.
xorsearch1.9.2Program to search for a given string in an XOR, ROL or ROT encoded binary file.
xortool0.93A tool to analyze multi-byte xor cipher.
xprobe20.3An active OS fingerprinting tool
x-scan3.3A general network vulnerabilities scanner for scanning network vulnerabilities for specific IP address scope or stand-alone computer by multi-threading method, plug-ins are supportable.
xspy1.0cA utility for monitoring keypresses on remote X servers
xsser1.6A penetration testing tool for detecting and exploiting XSS vulnerabilites.
xsss0.40bxsss is a brute force cross site scripting scanner
yara1.7A malware identification and classification tool
yersinia0.7.1A network tool designed to take advantage of some weakness in different network protocols
zaproxy2.1.0An integrated penetration testing tool for finding vulnerabilities in web applications
zarp0.1.5A network attack tool centered around the exploitation of local networks.
zerowine0.0.2Malware Analysis Tool – research project to dynamically analyze the behavior of malware
zmap1.1.1Fast network scanner designed for Internet-wide network surveys
zulu0.1Zulu is a light weight 802.11 wireless frame generation tool to enable fast and easy debugging and probing of 802.11 networks.
zzuf0.12Transparent application input fuzzer.
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