BlackArch is a complete Linux distribution for penetration testers and security researchers. It Is derived from ArchLinux and users can install BlackArch components individually or in groups directly on top of it. The toolset is distributed as an Arch Linux unofficial user repository so you can install BlackArch on top of an existing Arch Linux installation. Packages may be installed individually or by category. The constantly expanding repository currently includes over 1300 tools. All tools are thoroughly tested before being added to the codebase to maintain the quality of the repository. Here the tool on BlackArch :

cdpsnarf 0.1.6 Cisco discovery protocol sniffer
cewl 4.3 A custom word list generator
checkpwd 1.23 Oracle Password Checker Cracker
checksec 1.5 The script is designed to test what standard Linux OS and PaX security features are being used.
chkrootkit 0.49 Checks for rootkits on a system
chownat 0.08b Allows two peers behind two separate NATs with no port forwarding and no DMZ setup on their routers to directly communicate with each other
ciphertest 4.5780d36 A better SSL cipher checker using gnutls
cirt-fuzzer 1 A simple TCP/UDP protocol fuzzer.
cisco-auditing-tool 1 Perl script which scans cisco routers for common vulnerabilities. Checks for default passwords, easily guessable community names, and the IOS history bug. Includes support for plugins and scanning multiple hosts.
cisco-global-exploiter 1.3 A perl script that targets multiple vulnerabilities in the Cisco Internetwork Operating System IOS and Catalyst products.
cisco-ocs 0.2 Cisco Router Default Password Scanner
OCS Version 0.2 Release – Cisco Router Default Password Scanner
cisco-router-config latest copy-router-config and merge-router-config to copy and merge Cisco Routers Configuration  
ciscos 1.3 Scans class A, B, and C networks for cisco routers which have telnet open and have not changed the default password from cisco.  
cisco-torch 0.4b Cisco Torch mass scanning, fingerprinting, and exploitation tool.
cmospwd 5 Decrypts password stored in CMOS used to access BIOS setup.
cms-explorer 1 Designed to reveal the specific modules, plugins, components and themes that various cms driven websites are running
complemento 0.7.6 A collection of tools for pentester: LetDown is a powerful tcp flooder ReverseRaider is a domain scanner that use wordlist scanning or reverse resolution scanning Httsquash is an http server scanner, banner grabber and data retriever
conscan 0.5 Concrete5 blackbox vulnerability scanner
cookie-cadger 1.06 An auditing tool for Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet connections
cowpatty 4.6 Wireless WPA/WPA2 PSK handshake cracking utility
creddump 0.3 A python tool to extract various credentials and secrets from Windows registry hives.
creepy 20121023 A geolocation information gatherer. Offers geolocation information gathering through social networking platforms.
crosstool-ng 1.19.0 Versatile cross-toolchain generator
crunch 3.4 A wordlist generator for all combinations/permutations of a given character set
cryptcat 1.2.1 A lightweight version of netcat with integrated transport encryption capabilities.
csrftester 1 The OWASP CSRFTester Project attempts to give developers the ability to test their applications for CSRF flaws.
ctunnel 0.6 Tunnel and/or proxy TCP or UDP connections via a cryptographic tunnel.
cupp 3 Common User Password Profiler
cutycapt 20131208 A Qt and WebKit based command-line utility that captures WebKit’s rendering of a web page.
cymothoa 1 A stealth backdooring tool, that inject backdoor’s shellcode into an existing process.
darkd0rk3r 1 Python script that performs dork searching and searches for local file inclusion and SQL injection errors.
darkjumper 5.8 This tool will try to find every website that host at the same server at your target
darkmysqli 1.6 Multi-Purpose MySQL Injection Tool
dashcam 0.1.1 C/Python dashcam built with Gstreamer for Raspberry Pi/BeagleBone Black
davoset 1.1.5 A tool for using Abuse of Functionality and XML External Entities vulnerabilities on some websites to attack other websites
davtest 1 Tests WebDAV enabled servers by uploading test executable files, and then optionally uploading files which allow for command execution or other actions directly on the target
dbd 1.5 A Netcat-clone, designed to be portable and offer strong encryption. It runs on Unix-like operating systems and on Microsoft Win32.
dbpwaudit 0.8 A Java tool that allows you to perform online audits of password quality for several database engines
dc3dd 7.1.614 A patched version of dd that includes a number of features useful for computer forensics
deblaze 0.3 A remote method enumeration tool for flex servers
depant 0.3a  
dex2jar A tool for converting Android’s .dex format to Java’s .class format
dff-scanner latest Tool for finding path of predictable resource locations.
dhcdrop 0.5 Remove illegal dhcp servers with IP-pool underflow. Stable version
dhcpig 20131208 Enumerates hosts, subdomains, and emails from a given domain using google
dirb 2.04 A web content scanner, brute forceing for hidden files
dirbuster 1.0_RC1 An application designed to brute force directories and files names on web/application servers
dmitry 1.3a Deepmagic Information Gathering Tool. Gathers information about hosts. It is able to gather possible subdomains, email addresses, and uptime information and run tcp port scans, whois lookups, and more.
dnmap 0.6 The distributed nmap framwork
dns2tcp 0.5.2 A tool for relaying TCP connections over DNS
dnsa 0.5 DNSA is a dns security swiss army knife
dnsbf 0.2 search for available domain names in an IP range
dnschef 0.2.1 A highly configurable DNS proxy for pentesters
dnsdrdos 0.1 Proof of concept code for distributed DNS reflection DoS
dnsenum 1.2.3 Perl script that enumerates DNS information from a domain, attempts zone transfers, performs a brute force dictionary style attack, and then performs reverse look-ups on the results
dnsgoblin 20131208 Nasty creature constantly searching for DNS servers. It uses standard dns querys and waits for the replies
dnsmap 0.3 Passive DNS network mapper
dnspredict 0.0.2 DNS prediction
dnsrecon 0.8.5 Python script for enumeration of hosts, subdomains and emails from a given domain using google.
dnsspider 0.4 A very fast multithreaded bruteforcer of subdomains that leverages a wordlist and/or character permutation
dnswalk 2.0.2 A DNS debugger
dotdotpwn 3 The Transversal Directory Fuzzer
dpeparser 20131217 Default password enumeration project
dpscan 0.1 Drupal Vulnerabilty Scanner
dradis 2.5.2 An open source framework to enable effective information sharing.
driftnet 0.1.6 Listens to network traffic and picks out images from TCP streams it observes
dripper v1.r1.gc9bb0c9 A fast, asynchronous DNS scanner; it can be used for enumerating subdomains and enumerating boxes via reverse DNS.
dumpacl 20131221 Dumps NTs ACLs and audit settings.
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