According to Suryanto, Graphic Design is “Application of art and communication skills for business and industrial needs”.

Graphic design is a form of visual communication that uses images as a medium for delivering information. Nowadays, graphic design has become an important requirement for companies.

For a beginner or new to graphic design, it’s good to know that graphic design itself is a science derived from the art of design that uses computer assistance for the manufacturing process.

Graphic design is one form of applied painting (drawing) that gives freedom to the designer (designer) to choose, create, or arrange visual elements, such as illustrations, photographs, writing, and lines on a surface with the aim to be produced and communicated as a message.

Images and signs that are used can be in the form of typography or other media such as pictures or photography. Graphic design is generally applied in the world of advertising, packaging, film, and others.

The development of increasingly sophisticated technology, gave birth to a lot of graphic design software that can be used in accordance with needs. Starting from the simplest to the most complicated.

Each graphic design software has a variety of functions and their respective uses.

1. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe-made software this one is already well-known for its advantages compared to some other graphic design software for computer users. The reason is still the same as the first, the use of tools that are very easy and not too difficult.

For example, it’s easy to give effect, filter, and also coloring. Usually the designers want to beautify their design results, not infrequently they use CorelDraw and Photoshop in turn, because there are some tools that are not in one software, but there are in other software.

Advantages of Photoshop

a. Can be used for photo engineering.

If you have an original photo in Photoshop you will later be able to convert it into a pencil picture or can be converted into various other engineering.

b. Make a variety of materials and backgrounds.

Adobe Photoshop also provides some material for us to be creative in making material that is interesting and in accordance with our own desires, and we can also pour all our desires into an interesting creation.

c. Create Web material.

     Adobe Photoshop can also be used for web purposes, for example: compressing image files so that they are smaller, cutting images into small pieces (slices), and creating web photo galleries. With Adobe Image Ready, existing images can be created for web purposes, such as rollovers, web logos, web backgrounds and GIF animations.

d. Make writing with the addition of certain effects.

     Is the Adobe Photoshop application has several effects for text that we can adjust according to our creations and innovations, if we can place the text in accordance with the state of the image or background then the finished results will become more interesting and also have a very high selling power.

e. Edit photos and pictures well

     With Photoshop we can change our ugly images to be good or vice versa. And we also provide effects that are available in Adobe Photosop so that the variation of the intersection of the image becomes more subtle and looks beautiful.

f. Facilities for editing are more complete compared to others.

     The facilities that Photoshop has nothing to match anymore, many features that Photoshop has make many users. And many are satisfied with the services of this application.

Weaknesses of Photoshop

a. The number of layers that are used.

Too many layers, the user is more confused layer that will be used. Because we could accidentally select an existing layer because there are too many layers.

b. In making magazines and brochures.

Indeed photoshop in making magazines and brochures is not good because there is too much writing and cannot be perfect in making paragraphs. other than that the printout issued by Photoshop is not optimal, and if the resolution is not large enough, the results will be ugly.

c. The required size is too large.

In storing the results of this photoshop requires a large size if a lot of layers are used. Because the more layers that are installed, the heavier it is.

d. Paper printing business.

In printing photoshop results, paper sizes generally or large and sometimes inaccurate between photos and paper.

2. Adobe Illustrator

Indeed a lot of software made by adobe that is very easy to use in terms of graphic design. For this software, the advantage over other Adobe outputs is to create vectors. It is not uncommon for us to download vector results on several sites, you will find a le that has the .AI format, because on average they design makers are more comfortable and satisfied when using Adobe Illustrator.

Advantages of illustrator:

• The combined features of Corel Draw and Photoshop are only made simpler

• High final resolution hasih

• It is suitable for illustration, logos, and other vector images.

• Lines are clearly visible and assisted with guide rules

• Able to load large files, above 50MB.

• high resolution printouts

• Complete and finer colors

• File size after save is smaller

• Integrated with other Adobe software, such as Adobe Photoshop, etc.

Lack of illustrator:

• Even though it is full, but for the layout work, it has become very noisy

• Results will look flat if not in the brain tinkering again

• The picture doesn’t look realistic

• Not very good use of the power clip feature.

3. Inkscape

The fourth is Inkscape. This software is vector image editor software which is free software under the GNU GPL license. The advantages of this software are of course easy to use, lots of color choices, le software is lightweight, and also the results can be seen in the browser as well, and has an automatic backup tour if the software is not responding. In addition there are many advantages of the software. It is mandatory for you designers to try this software.

alternative graphic design software for creating vector images

Inkscape is an alternative software that you can use to create vectors, and graphic designs that use the SVG file format. This design software can also be used on Windows,

Inkscape users are intended for professional graphic designers as well as for Freebuddies who only want to make vector images, sketches, give colors to images, or design illustrations easily.

Another advantage of this software is that it has a simple and easy to use interface for all users. This design software is also open source which is still being developed.

Even so, Freebuddies also have to be patient when using Inkscape because it’s not so fast as Adobe’s software.

4. CorelDraw

Coreldraw is one of the most widely used graphic design software. Corel Draw is a software specifically designed for the purpose of editing vector images, this software was first released in January 1989 by an application development company in Ottawa – Canada called Corel. In 1987 Corel planned to create a vector design application that would be distributed for Windows and Mac operating systems. OS. Then Corel hired two programmers named Michel Bouillon and Pat Beirne to work on the software, and right in 1989 introduced a graphic design software made by Corel called Corel Draw.

Coreldraw advantages:

1. In setting the layout that is qualified and fast in the process.

2. Short cut that is easily memorized and applied by us

3. User friendly

4. Snap to object is also very useful

5. And many printing companies in Indonesia have used this software.

Disadvantages of CorelDraw:

1. The features are minimal

2. For loading large files can not be handled so it can make the software slow

3. The color on the monitor with the printer’s printouts is sometimes inappropriate.


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