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            Several years ago, we thought that mobile phone was a luxury thing (on 1990s). But today, it’s just like an ordinary thing in our society. Everyone needs mobile phone. They have (at least) one mobile phone.Currently, we can even hold it in our hand. We call it smartphone. It is very useful, because of its function. We can use smartphone to make our life easier. So, in this article we will talk about the mobile phone’s revolution from past and present. There will be some questions like “why” and its answers to answer your curiousity.

            A public mobile phone was first invented on 1940s, and the design and functions were still simple. On 1940s, its size was big and heavy. Then, in US, commercial use of mobile phone was heavily forestalled. The first mobile phone in US came in the form of public phone that available to use in Metroliner train service which operated between Washington DC and New York City. That mobile phone allowed the passengers on the phone in route at 160 km per hour.

            Then, on 1973, Martin Cooper, an employee of Motorola, invented the first mobile phone that we can hold. But the use of the first handheld mobile phone was still forestalled. Nevertheless, mobile phone’s popularity in US reached 1,300,855 customers by 1987.

            On August 1996, it’s such a revolutionary when Nokia introduced “Communicator”, that combined the mobile phone and handheld computer. It had QWERTY keyboard, so it could use to send and receive fax, check the e-mail, and surf in the internet. In the mid of 1990s, mobile phone became smaller, and it had various capabilities. There were many applications and services have been combined with mobile phone.

            Day by day, there were so many mobile phone company released their products. In that era, we knew that Nokia, Motorola, and Siemens were so popular. It was a great development. Why? Because the inventions make our life become easier. We can connected with people that live so far from our hometown. What about time and distance? It doesn’t matter at all.

            Next, on 2002, Danger Hip Top was introduced, with the abilities to do e-mail and SMS features. On the same year, “Personal Assistance” apps such as digital camera and video games were also introduced. Several mobile phones in this era, have a flip-out shape screen. On 2007, Steve Jobs as Apple’s Chief Executive, introduced the first iPhone at Macworld conference, with its 2 megapixels camera, iPod touch-inspired design, and 3,5 inch touchscreen. “An iPod, a phone, and an internet communicator”, said Steve Jobs on that conference.

            In that era, iPhone has been started to caught the customers’ attention. The development of Apple was so fantastic. On January 2019, Apple revealed that arround 1,4 billion people in this world using Apple’s product. Besides, there were some competitors of Apple. The top 7 are Microsoft, Dell, Samsung, Lenovo, HP, Sony, and ASUS.

            But in my opinion, Samsung might be Apple’s top competitor. Why? Let’s compare their development year over year. Samsung’s best selling phone were Samsung E1100 (sold 150 million units on 2009) and Samsung Galaxy S4 (sold 80 million units on 2013). Then, what about Apple? Apple’s best selling phone were iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S (sold 220 million units on 2014).

            Here, I give you another comparison between Apple and Samsung :


Apple :

iPhone XS          = $999

iPhone XS Max = $1099

iPhone XR         = $749

iPhone X            = $999

iPhone 8             = $599

iPhone 8 Plus     = $699

Samsung :

Galaxy S10        = $899

Galaxy S10 Plus= $999

Galaxy Note 9   = $999

Galaxy S9          = $719

Galaxy S9 Plus  = $839

We can conclude that Apple and Samsung are not just compete on their features, but also in marketing their products.

            Currently, many people need a phone with advanced capabilities to support their works. We can say that mobile phone is a necessary. For example, I need a phone to looking for a material of my study. Anyone may need the phone to translate what he or she wants to say (when they are travelling to a foreign country). When the other do not know about the directions, they can use GPS. Accurately, it will show you where you must go, and it probably gives you the best route.

            The advances of mobile phone can be traced in successive generations from the early “0G” services like MTS and its successor Improved Mobile Telephone Service, to first generation (1G) analog cellular network; second generation (2G) digital cellular networks; third generation (3G) broadband data services to the state of the art, and fourth generation (4G) native IP networks. Currently, fifth generation (5G) cellular mobile communication service has been developed.

            Today we have a phone with all of its advanced capabilities. Mobile phone has been combined with so many advanced applications. You can connecting with people, for entertainment, reach the information, etc. You can sit or you can even lay down while you order something. For example, Go Food or Grab Food. So, the inventions make us realize that the world are connected. The limit of the world seems like invisible. We can even communicate our thoughts just in seconds.

            In this era, we usually call it smartphone. So, what is smartphone exactly? What makes it special? Is it really really smart? Let’s answer, shall we? Ok, I will try to answer it. “Smartphone is a mobile phone that performs many of the functions of a computer, typically having a touchscreen interface, internet access, and an operating system capable of running downloaded apps” ( Briefly, a smartphone is a device that let you make telephone calls but also adds in additional features such as the ability to send and receive e-mail, edit documents, download apps, and more. Popular operating systems for smartphones are BlackBerry OS, Windows Mobile, and Android. So, let’s call it “multitasking”.

            K, I think that’s all from me. I hope this article can be useful, hehe. Tschüss!

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