BALLIE : Very Cute and Adorable Samsung Robot

From the information we know that Samsung’s electronics brand manufactures mobile phones, smartphones, televisions, speakers, air conditioners. But many do not know that Samsung apparently also produces a robot. In this highly developed era, it’s no wonder that this one brand wants to make a new breakthrough. There have also been many companies that have produced robots with artificial intelligence that have the aim of facilitating human work in terms of simple or complicated work.

Samsung Consumer Electronics President and CEO, H.S. Kim, introducing the figure of the best friend in the form of a smart robot at the keynote session at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Monday (6/1/2020) in Las Vegas. Given the name Ballie, Samsung’s latest robotic product comes in a small size and simple round design like a ball. Its size is slightly bigger than a baseball. Robot produced by this Samsung brand called Ballie and read Ball-E. This robot is like other robots with artificial intelligence that are designed to help human work, in this case offering household care. This robot can also interact with the environment, people, animals, and devices that are connected to the internet or IoT (Internet of Things). The shape of this robot resembles a ball with the addition of a front camera to record moments or as the eye of this robot. Samsung claims Ballie’s intelligence capabilities also enable him to become a health assistant and find solutions for one’s needs. For example when a Ballie robot sees someone fall and cannot get up, Ballie will be able to ask for help.

This robot can also be said to be sagabat or a true friend of humans. This robot implements an on-device AI system where when there is a system tasked with analyzing user activity, where the data needed to be analyzed is sent by a smartphone to the system. The system is generally placed in the cloud, which is managed by system developers, such as Google for Google Assistant. Later, the information on the results of data analysis is used by smartphones to enhance the capabilities of the features in it. Regarding the protection of data, there is no doubt about its safety, this Korean vendor guarantees it and still maintains the privacy of its users.

In his video, this robot works like a housekeeper as well as a pet. He woke up the owner by opening Gordyn and he could interact with the owner. It is also a reminder of time. When the owner goes to work, the pet is alone at home, the ballie robot turns on the TV and looks for a fun show for the pet. When the pet has finished watching TV, he feels hungry and looking for food by pulling the tablecloth on top of which there is his food. As a result the food was spilled and the ballie robot immediately came and cleaned the fallen food by calling and lighting the vacuum cleaner. All electronic devices around the ballie are friends so that anything can be run by the ballie robot as long as the electronic device is connected to it. Not only that, this robot can also be invited to play, for example romp. This robot will play like a real living object because it can predict its environment very quickly.

you can look the video in this link

In a blog belonging to one of Ballie’s creators, creators said “The first thing I notice when I pick up Ballie is how light it is: It’s about the size of a hefty grapefruit but much less dense. Ballie’s plastic, scalloped frame gives this otherwise nondescript ball a sense of playfulness, one that might not have been possible if Samsung had gone with the cloth finish it first considered” Ballie is different. It is in no way humanlike, and for Samsung, devising a way to make a robot ball look and feel like something you’d want to talk to was no small feat. As I mentioned, the original plan was to use a cloth-covered body; that idea was shelved at least partially because the company realized it might not hold up to certain members of the family.

BALLIE : Very Cute and Adorable Samsung Robot

Cris Velazco – one of Ballie’s creators

But there is no information on when this robot will be launched and deployed to the wider community. For the price also can not be predicted. It would be very funny if you have a ballie robot because it can not only accompany you but also can help every human job and the environment.

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