Now, automotive world is not only awaited by changes in appearance, but also by technology. For many people who observe the automotive world, of course, really understand that in the present era there are many latest and very sophisticated technologies embedded in various automotive products. The existence of the latest and sophisticated automotive technology is indeed very beneficial. Yes, the discovery of the latest technology will make automotive products safer, more comfortable, and even more satisfying, for example, in terms of speed. For those of you who continue to follow the development of automotive technology, of course, are very familiar with what are the updates that occur in the present. But if you still do not understand what the latest technology is embedded in automotive products, no need to worry about being out of date because here will be given a review.


For those of you who are curious about what are the 4 latest and sophisticated automotive technologies, here is an explanation for you:

• Utilization of waste heat energy

During this time the heat energy from disposal is just thrown away. Energy from engine fuel is not utilized and only evaporates without providing benefits. However, a number of producers today have thrown away these useless things and turned them into something more useful. It was originally inspired by NASA, which utilizes waste heat energy. Apparently, this kind of technology is also very functioning in a vehicle, especially a car. The result of heat energy from acceleration or when a car is driving can now be a source of electricity for braking.

• Air Maintenance Technology (AMT)

Another technology product is AMT. This technology is an invention to make a car tire can fill its own wind without any effort from humans. The existence of a small cavity that can be a way to enter the wind and the automatic closing door in the tire layer makes the wind will automatically enter the tire room perfectly so that this AMT is really useful.

• Cloud Computing

The application of IoT in all lines is indeed very pronounced. The existence of the application of cloud computing is very popular by many people because it will provide additional convenience in the vehicle cabin, especially cars. Yes, various features that are the result of device synchronization and the internet will indeed be very useful. In the car, anyone can easily control such as checking the quiet streets, looking for an address using GPS and later connected to the car dashboard as a guide, and so forth. Digitalization on the internet-car automotive dashboard also makes it easier for motorists to communicate even though their hands are in full control. IoT (Internet of Things) is a technology that can connect a device to the Internet

to carry out various functions. IoT devices can be implemented using embedded systems (systems

embedded), because it tends to save power. One device that uses remote control technology

with an embedded system based on ARM (Advanced RISC Machine) is the Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi (abbreviated

raspi) is a mini computer that can work like a personal computer. Raspberry Pi also has

LAN connections that can be combined with routers into wireless networks that can be accessed by various

devices with internet access (Darmaliputra and Hermawan, 2014). Raspberry Pi can be used for

making various IoT devices that can help automate various jobs. IoT implementation on

This research is for controlling and monitoring motor vehicles. Location monitoring devices will

utilizing GPS Glonass to get latitude, longitude and time position data. Next the data will be

sent to the Firebase server and displayed in realtime in the control and monitoring system

Web-based. Firebase was chosen because it not only provides data storage facilities, but also provides

API for implementing web socket (Oriza, 2014). The monitoring system will display visualizations in

map form that shows the location of the vehicle. This embedded system uses realtime technology because

has a very short response time, so application users will get information updates

vehicle directly when data changes occur, without the need to refresh the page. Approach

use technology to monitor vehicle movements in real time needs to be done to

secure vehicles (Muchlisin and Istiyanto, 2011).

  • Raspberry Pi theory

The Raspberry Pi model B board component consists of a USB port for various connections

USB devices such as keyboards, mice, and others. Mini USB port is used to connect to power

adapter. To connect to the network can use an Ethernet / LAN port or on Raspberry Pi 3 model B

already equipped with built-in wifi. Raspberry Pi also supports audio / video. To connect to

monitor / tv can use HDMI or RCA. Some GPIO (General Purpose Input / Output) pins can

used to connect with other electronic devices. Figure 1 is a component component

front of Raspberry Pi model B (Schmidt, 2012). Recommended operating system for Raspberry Pi devices

is Raspbian. Raspbian is the official operating system distribution for Debian-based Raspberry Pi devices

(Richardson and Wallace, 2013). Raspberry function as a whole can be run by the operating system. System

operations that can be used on Raspberry Pi include Raspbian, Pidora, OpenElec, RaspBMC, RISC OS,

Arch Linux ARM, and others (Rakhman, et al., 2014).

  • Firebase

Firebase can act as a realtime database so that monitoring and controlling system applications will

can be synchronized with a database to provide data in realtime. The advantage of using a base

Firebase data as a backend is to ensure that the latency in the process of storing data to the server is very

small. All operations with firebase on application development use AngularFire because of API operations

has provided objects and arrays such as add, remove and get (Phan, 2015). AngularFire makes use of connections

between AngularJS and Firebase. The combination uses three ways of connection, namely HTML, JavaScript, and

Firebase database. Firebase guarantees ‘no server code’, making it easier to create applications. Firebase too

can synchronize data with local cache on an existing device so that the application stays responsive

when the network connection is slow (Max, 2014).

  • GPS technology

GPS (Global Positioning System) is a navigation system using satellites

in orbit. GPS Reveicer will receive satellite position signals (latitude and longitude). GPS Receiver on research

This is used to detect the location of the vehicle and at the same time provide information that can be accessed from

remote through a web-based monitoring system application. GPS uses the NMEA protocol standard to be able to

transmits data position. Location position data obtained from GPS will be sent to the server in realtime

through Firebase.

  • DC Relay

Raspberry pi controls electrical equipment with the help of a relay. Relay functions to control the flow

electricity by giving voltage and current to the coil, by relaying the electric current can be disconnected or connected to

IoT tool. The motor coil can be driven using a DC relay with a coil voltage of 12V DC and

the current provided is around 20-30 mA

• Small and lightweight hybrid batteries

Hybrid car or hybrid car is indeed a present and future car. This car is still not completely replace the type of gasoline fuel cars that are still large in number. In the development of hybrid cars, batteries have become a significant problem. The large size makes the car heavy and must prepare a room that is also spacious. But now, the latest technology has found a hybrid battery that can be so small and lightweight that will greatly support the evolution of hybrid cars in the future.

That was the latest 4 and the latest automotive technology that has been found and has been pinned. Do not rule out the possibility, the four technologies will continue to experience development becoming more sophisticated and more useful or even replaced with other newest technology products that are better.


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