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Apple AirPods Pro Review: The Hearable at Its Best

We are living in an era of “hearables” — earphones embedded with special sensors that talk to our phones. And Apple’s AirPods, those tiny white earbuds...

Apple In-Ear Headphones

It’s become de rigueur to describe Apple’s white earbuds as “ubiquitous” and “iconic”—and justifiably so. Not only are they almost inextricably linked to the company’s iPods and iPhones, but Apple...

Apple Watch Series 4 review: A great smartwatch, now even better

The Apple Watch Series 4 is a very good smartwatch. It has since been eclipsed by the new Apple Watch Series 5, which is hands down...


The appeal of the MacBook Air was obvious for several years. It was significantly cheaper than the MacBook Pro, but still had enough power and a...

Review: iPod touch is exactly what it needs to be in 2019

Apple finally updated the iPod touch for 2019, bringing with it a modest bump in specs. While it may not be what some were looking for,...

A lush experience overall

The Samsung Q60R’s color and overall user experience are best in class, and it’s the only QLED available in the smaller 43-inch form factor. It should...


If you’ve envied the quantum dot color and interface perquisites offered by Samsung’s QLED TVs, but thought they were out of your price range, think again. The...

Like a wedge-shaped MacBook Pro

Apple has finally given the MacBook Air the update fans have been craving for the last three years: new processors and a vastly improved Retina display....

Homepod by Apple

HomePod Is Apple's Debut in the Smart Speaker Segment Besides being equipped with Siri integration, the device can also detect its position in the room to optimize the...

You Never Watch a Watch Like This

This clock has a screen that never sleeps. With the Retina screen always on, you always see the time and face of your watch. The clock can adjust...

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