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Sunday, September 19, 2021
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Achmad Husein


Being Tested, Instagram Comes Soon to Feature Other Account Unfollow Features

Instagram is reportedly testing new features that will help users decide which accounts should be stopped or unfollowed. This feature will be useful for...

New After Effect Feature ‘Delete Object on Video’

Now Adobe After Effect has one of the great abilities of Photoshop, namely Content-Aware fill. This new After Effect feature allows users to delete...

The First Android Smartphone Made In Africa

The First Android Smartphone Made in Africa Mara Group, a technology company from the country of Rwanda officially released two smartphones that made it...

The Timeline of Artificial Intelligence

what is AI? before we take a peek at the development of Artificial Intelligence, we must also know the definition of AI itself. Artificial intelligence...

Apple Officially Released iOS 13.1, What’s New?

  Apple has just updated the device operating system to iOS 13.1. This update comes earlier than originally planned to be released on September 30,...

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