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Monday, August 15, 2022
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Better than reality: NASA scientists tap virtual reality to make a scientific discovery

NASA scientists using virtual reality technology are redefining our understanding about how our galaxy works.Using a customized, 3-D virtual reality (VR) simulation that animated...

How the U.S. Will Protect Its Fighter Planes From Foreign Interference

The Navy is engineering a new, more powerful, high-tech electronic warfare Next-Generation Jammer technology designed to allow strike aircraft and stealth bombers to destroy...

History of Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a single-board computer created by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, a charity formed with the primary goal of reintroducing low-level computer skills...

Were alien secrets hidden in Roswell and Area 51? ‘Project Blue Book’ UFO hunters investigate.

Two locations are legendary among UFO seekers. One is Roswell, New Mexico, where sightings of a so-called flying saucer electrified the town in 1947....

The Future of Windows Server as a file server

We still run our businesses on files. How is Microsoft upgrading Windows Server to use files in a hybrid world?We do a lot with...

Sudo Bug Lets Non-Privileged Linux and macOS Users Run Commands as Root

Joe Vennix of Apple security has found another significant vulnerability in sudo utility that under a specific configuration could allow low privileged users or...

Windows laptops and Chromebooks for under $500

Looking for the best laptop under $500? You and a billion other bargain hunters. You can get quite a bit in a budget model,...

Flash Drive History

Flash Disk is a data / file storage tool in the form of NAND. In this device, embedded controller and memory storage data that...

Time Machine

In 2029, humanity was almost wiped out by nuclear war and a smart computer called Skynet ruled over planet Earth. The computer is able...

Difference between nvidia GT GTX and MX

Nvidia is a relatively durable company. Already from 1993 they operated and until now there have been a lot of graphics cards that they...

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