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What We Hope to See at Mobile World Congress 2020

These are the smartphones we want to see, expect to see, or have been told we will see, at MWC 2020. They include foldables, premium smartphones,...

Mobile World Congress 2020: the biggest mobile phone show

MWC 2020 – that's Mobile World Congress 2020 -  runs from February 24-27, and it’s set to be the biggest mobile trade show this year, just...

PS5 (Part 2) Design, Controller, and What Can We Play

PS5 Design PS5 (Part 2) Design, Controller, and What Can We Play, There are a number of buttons: on/standby, reset, eject (for the double-layer 100GB-reading Blu-ray drive), system...

PS5 Release Date, Specs, and Price That We Know So Far

The PS5 is coming – so what do we know so far? PS5 Release Date, Specs, and Price That We Know So Far The new generation...

AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT Review

The AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT arrives in an odd state for the graphics card industry. AMD has finally been able to put out a GPU that...

Philips PH805 wireless headphones review

Expensive headphones doesn’t equal the best headphones. People really in the midst of finding the best value noise-cancelling over-ear wireless headphones without have to engage ‘expensive’ headphones....

Apple throughout 2019

How did Apple took over 2019? We would like to write down all the big launches of the company in 2019, the positive advances,...

iMac Pro, the most powerful Mac ever made!

Apple claimed that iMac Pro is the ‘most powerful Mac ever made; with the trim and striking all-in-one PC that tops the traditional iMac. The iMac...

Nikon Z50, a mirrorless APS-C camera on your way

Another mirrorless marvel from Nikon, but the mid-range competition is very hot. Their previous success with Nikon Z6 makes it one of the best cameras in...

Microsoft Surface Go, a Windows 10 in your tablet

What is Microsoft Surface Go? If you watch Microsoft’s User Go ad, you might think that this is a mini laptop. Sadly it is not, it...

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