The application of 5G technology is a technological breakthrough that is expected in various countries. Some developed countries such as the United States, Japan and South Korea have targeted wider use of 5G wireless network technology from 2019 to 2020. What is interesting about 5G technology? 5G technology has been predicted to change the human lifestyle in the future. As with smart phones that have changed some of the lifestyles of humans today. Smart phones have been used not only as a communication tool, but have become one of the ways to earn income. The emergence of various online businesses such as Tokopedia, Bukalapak,, and Gojek has given birth to entrepreneurs who depend entirely on smart phones to run their businesses. The lifestyle of humans in reading news has also experienced significant changes. People have tended to access online news sites rather than reading newspapers. The ease of access and use of smart phones that have become the lifestyle of the people have supported the transition of people’s reading habits.

So far, smart phones have been supported by a 4G network that makes it easy for people to do various activities online. But, technological innovation will never stop because it is driven by the desire of technology users who always want something better than what already exists. Technology users certainly want the fastest internet access speed.

In addition, the application of the internet of things and artificial intelligence for the process of technological automation also requires qualified internet access speed. Therefore, 5G technology is designed to provide solutions to future internet access speed needs.

4G technology currently offers a maximum download speed of 100 Mbps and of course depends on the quality of the available network. This speed is considered not fast enough to support future technological developments. The 5G network is designed to be able to provide download speeds of 10 Gbps. As an illustration, if we want to download a film online with a size of 1 GB, then it only takes 0.1 seconds. This will certainly change the lifestyle of the community going forward. We no longer need to waste time waiting for the process of downloading various large-sized applications online.

In addition, the automatic vehicle communication process in real time and the process of automating electronic equipment in housing in the application of smart home and internet of things will become a reality. This of course will also have an impact on the development of smart phones that we use. It has been predicted that the emergence of 5G technology will encourage the emergence of the post-smartphone era. This era will allow cars to communicate with pedestrian cellphones and traffic lights which will be utilized to avoid accidents and find the best route.

The connection of traffic lights and street lighting with cars that are passing by also allows for electrical energy savings. These things will signify the birth of a smart city where electronic equipment, communication systems, and transportation are connected online. Indonesia certainly does not want to be left behind in the development and application of 5G technology. A trial of 5G networks has been carried out by Telkomsel as one of the largest cellular network operators in Indonesia in 2018, and also conducted by other cellular network operators. This shows the government’s commitment in supporting the development of 5G technology in Indonesia. Of course, the development of 5G infrastructure is not cheap and requires large investments that must be carefully considered by all relevant parties including the government. In addition, regulation of determining the frequency, tariffs, and efficiency of network usage requires an effective and efficient design.

According to the Ministry of Communication and Information, Indonesia will only implement the 5G system in 2022 and the preparation of the 5G policy draft will begin this year. This long process will certainly be seen as pessimistic by some people who want super-fast internet access as soon as possible. Especially if you see a number of developed countries that will implement 5G technology widely this year. But, the steps taken by the government must be supported by the technology user community because the preparation to switch to 5G requires careful planning that cannot be done instantly. We certainly don’t want to just see the 5G logo emblazoned on our cellphone, but with download speeds that are no different from the 4G network. In addition, technology needs to be prepared that is ready to take advantage of the availability of 5G access in the future. Therefore, it is very important for the government and the people of Indonesia to increase focus on technology development. This can be started by encouraging millennials to love more the fields of electrical, mechanical engineering, mechatronics, and informatics.

However, the implementation of 5G is still doubtful in terms of technology. “Even though it has been prepared for the next generation, benefits must be considered when implemented,” said the Ministry of Communication and Information Rudiantara when becoming a Keynote Speaker at the Next Generation Broadband-5G Forum at Mandarin Hotel Jakarta. According to Rudiantara, these considerations must also be seen from the side of users and stakeholders. “It means that the implementation of 5G in Indonesia takes a long time so that the distribution can run smoothly,” he added. In addition, the Ministry of Communication and Information also explained that the implementation of 5G must also look at the results obtained. Moreover, the 5G network still does not have a business model in Indonesia. “We don’t have a business model yet. It takes time. When it is met the controlling stakeholders, then the bottomline will be thought about, the results of this implementation.” 5G technology has several advantages, including: high capacity, low latency, more connections and new services. “Data traffic in a 5G network unit area is 1,000 times that of a 4G network, user access levels have increased 10 to 100 times and access capacity can reach 50 billion users,” said Chief RA.

According to the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education database of higher education accessed on 8/1/2019, the number of engineering students is ranked 4th with a total of 925,933 students. Indonesian students still choose education majors as their favorite study destination with a total number of students totaling 1,268,773 people. The development of robotics technology, wireless networks, and the automation industry can be driven by the increasing interest of our students to study the field of engineering accompanied by full government support through increased cooperation between private industry parties with universities and state research institutes as planned by our president to make the transition from infrastructure development to HR. Hopefully the breakthrough technology that has begun 5G can be a trigger for our passion to love engineering more. And, it is hoped that it will create more e-commerce that will boast the nation and open up more jobs in the future.


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