NewSamarinda Airport planned to have an aircraft hangar that capable of performing preventiveaircraft maintenance and can accommodate Boeing 737-300and ATR 72. To accommodate a Boeing 737 and ATR 72 minimum hanggar span requiredis 60 meters. Given the hangar building spans a very wide, we need a wide span structures that can realize the hangar building. The selected system is aspace framestructure. This study aims to designhangar building to carry out the implementation system of space frame structure in accordance with the function of the building, the application of space frame structure of the system is done especially on the roof of the building. In a wide-span structure systemthe design selectioncriteriaare: serviceability, efficiency, and construction(Schodek. 1999). The study was conducted by using a programmatic method, the method of discussion in a systematic, rational, and analytical describe, diagramize, and visualize the description of the object of study based on the literature and existing standards. By doing studies ofspace frame system structureapplication inaircraft hangarsbuilding, it is expected that we will get the appropriate design of an airplane hangar that have suitable capacityand functionality andweknown the application of space frame structure system that suitable for aircraft hangar facility in New Samarinda airport, especially in the roof part of the building.

Airplane Hangar Buildings
Hangar is a closed structure, a place where the aircraft shelter in a large warehouse for protection. The word hangar comes from Central France, namely hanghart which means a cage near the house. The word hangar is also known to come from the German language, haimgard which means house-enclosure or fence around a group of houses. Hangar is used as an aircraft protection from the weather, including direct sunlight, and also the hangar functions as a place of maintenance, repair, manufacture, assembly and storage of aircraft at the airport. Hangars need a special structural system. The width of the hangar entrance must be large, and this allows the aircraft to enter the hangar. The greater the hangar’s capacity to accommodate the aircraft that will be input into the hangar, the more complex structural systems are needed. Hangar range sizes can be classified as follows:
Table 1. Classification of Aircraft Hangar Width (Source:, March 8, 2014) In operation, aircraft require maintenance, maintenance, and flight worthiness checks. Then we need a container to accommodate the needs of aircraft storage, repairs, maintenance, and offices to support these activities. The hangar located at Samarinda Baru airport is a maintenance hangar. Broadly speaking, a maintenance hangar is a container that has aircraft maintenance and maintenance facilities, both periodic maintenance and overhaul. The design of the aircraft hangar building is based on the needs of the aircraft to be accommodated in the hangar building.

Space Frame Structure A wide span building is a building that allows the use of column-free space that is as wide and as long as possible. Wide span buildings are generally classified into two broadly simple spans and complex spans. Simple width span means that the existing wide span construction is used directly on buildings based on basic theory and no modifications are made to the existing shape. A skeletal structural system is a structural system consisting of rods whose length is much larger than the size of their appearance. Modern frame construction is the result of rational use of steel and concrete in buildings. This framework consists of a composition of columns and beams. The vertical element functions as a conduit of load and force towards the ground, while the beam which is included as a horizontal element functions as a holder and media for flexible distribution. Then the needs of the floor, walls, and so on can be placed and affixed to the two elements of the building frame. The space frame system was developed from the truss structure system by adding trunk frames towards its three dimensions. The space frame structure is a composition of rods, each of which is independent, carrying a centric compressive force and is related to each other with systems in three dimensions or space. The shape of the space frame was developed from a double-layer grid pattern, with trunks connecting the grid points in three dimensions. The space frame construction system uses a joint system of members / rods using ball / ball joints as splicing joints in the form of triangular modules. This structure can be used for large-span construction by supporting several interiors such as factories, sports arenas, theater buildings, and so on. By using the system
this space frame structure will minimize the use of columns. This structural system is used as the roof of a building which rests on the walls of buildings, building columns, and can be arranged also as columns that also double as blocks.

Basically, the structure of the space frame has advantages and disadvantages, among others: Basically, the structure of the spatial structure has advantages and disadvantages, among others:

1. Light, this structure is built with steel or aluminum, which is a relatively lightweight material.

2. Using a modular system.

3. Save labor and structural materials.

4. Has its own aesthetic value.

5. Relatively long life (50-100 years)

6. Even distribution of loads. A space frame structure has sufficient stiffness even though it has a lightweight structure.

7. Ease of installation of utilities. effect in its application.

Besides its advantages, the space frame structure system also has shortcomings, including: Besides its advantages, the system of spatial structure also has shortcomings, including:

1. In fact, because the elements are ordered from the factory.

2. Not fire resistant because it is made from metal, so it can not stand the heat and can melt from heat.

3. Expert power is still limited. Material commonly used for space frame structure systems is steel.

Steel material used in parts is the space frame structure, namely connections, balls, pipes, bolts, connectors and support plates. Apart from the use of steel material for the space frame structure, other materials are also possible to be used such as wood, iron or aluminum. As for the roof covering material on the roof with a space frame structure, the roof covering material can be in the form of Enamel Steel Panel, Zincalume Panel, Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) and Bitumen Shingle.

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