Annoying Computer Viruses

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Annoying Computer Virus

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Computers are things that are currently very necessary in this life. Good for small children, teenagers, to adults. The variations also vary. Ranging from low end to high end laptops. Ranging from business laptops, to high-end gaming laptops with prices that are arguably quite fantastic. Many well-known vendors are competing to show their quality at this time. The better the depth. Processor, VGA up to the amount of storage capacity and RAM.

 But behind all these advantages there are still very disturbing disturbances. Both internal and external interference. External disorders include human error and some of them. For internal itself there are bugs to the virus. This virus is a small disturbance which if not followed up will result in temporal damage to permanent damage. This permanent damage will result in so many losses suffered by the victim. Starting from data loss until the device can no longer be used. It means permanent damage.

A computer virus is a program that can multiply and spread copies to other programs. Of course this can damage and can make computer users feel disturbed by the existence of this evil virus. For the workings of computer viruses themselves, this can generally damage the computer software gradually gradually and cannot directly affect the computer hardware. However, this computer virus can cause damage by making programs affected by the virus to speed up or over process to certain devices. So that the negative effect of the computer virus itself is to multiply itself which makes resources on the computer such as memory usage drastically reduced. Almost all viruses attack Windows operating systems as much as 95%. The rest attack Linux / GNU, Mac, FreeBSD and various other operating systems. Malignant and dangerous viruses can damage the hardware permanently and initially slowly and gradually.

Kind of Virus


Worm is a computer virus that is indicated not too dangerous. But if left unchecked, then this virus can make the contents of computer storage become full quickly and reduce the performance of the computer to drastically.

This virus can divide quickly and continuously and can make useless files on the computer. This can cause the memory and hard drive to be full of this virus.

This virus can infect computers that are connected by email and connected to the internet network, this is the same as what is done by the Trojan virus.

The Trojan

This computer virus is made by a programmer with the ability to control, control data or even steal data on a computer. Similar to the Worm virus, this Trojan virus often appears through random internet networks and also emails received by users as well as personal data that are not installed by the user’s device password.

The purpose of this Trojan itself is to obtain information from the victim such as passwords, user habits recorded in the system log, data, and control the target.


Backdoor is a type of computer virus that has almost the same capabilities as a trojan. However, Backdoor usually resembles files that are fine and does not look like a dangerous file such as a game.

Backdoor refers to mechanisms commonly used to access systems, applications or networks, apart from commonly used mechanisms such as logging on or other authentication processes.


Spyware is a type of computer virus that has a working system by monitoring an infected computer. Spyware is a derivative of software that has advertisements, which has the function of monitoring the habits of users in browsing the Internet to bring a lot of advertisements to users.

However, because software that has advertisements is not very dangerous because it does not steal data, spyware does it and sends the results collected to the makers, hackers or crackers.

Spyware can cause various losses such as data theft, additional internet costs and make internet connections slower on the victims who are infected with this spyware virus.


Rogue is a computer virus in the form of a program that mimics an antivirus program and displays activities like a normal antivirus, by giving false warnings about the presence of a virus on a user’s virtual computer.

The goal is for users to buy and activate the fake antivirus program and bring money to the makers of the rogue virus. Rogue can also open various security holes in the user’s computer which is useful for bringing in other types of viruses for victims.


Rootkit is a computer virus in the form of a collection of software that aims to hide the processes that are running, files and system data that are running from an operating system where he is hiding. Rootkits were originally only in the form of applications that are not so dangerous, but lately have been widely used by malware that is intended to help intruders to keep the actions of those who enter the system from being tracked. The term as a protector that makes its users not visible traces.

This rootkit is present in various operating systems such as, Linux, Solaris and Microsoft Windows. This rootkit often changes parts of the operating system and also installs itself as a driver or core module of a system.

How To Deal With And Protect Yourself From Viruses

Although viruses can cause many negative things and are very troublesome for us, but we can still prevent and deal with virus attacks that have or will infect our computers. Here are some steps that can be done in preventing viruses:

– Install and always update patches on the computer and install antivurs that have trusted certificates. You have to make sure that your computer is always patched every time there is a new update, because usually the update is a bug fix and the addition of features and functions of the previous version.

– Take care when downloading or using public Wi-Fi. Free Wi-Fi is not always good for us, because if you are in a public area, free Wi-Fi can just be a trap set up by hackers to steal data and information or insert viruses on your computer. Connect your device to Wi-Fi that is truly trusted on your computer.

– Anti-virus scanning of portable devices. Always be careful of portable devices that want to connect to your computer (for example a usb or flashdisk) you should always scan for devices that are portable because portable devices often carry viruses from other computers. The virus could be dangerous.

– Backup data regularly. This is a backup plan if your computer has been infected by a computer virus. Get used to do backups of important data, because if the data is really infected by a virus or lost, then you still have your main data in different locations or devices and you can access the data safely.

Stay alert in guarding your device. Many bad people are after your data. Always the latest updates and don’t forget to play safely.



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