Android Pie version 9 is the latest version (renewal) from the previous version, Android Oreo version 8.1. Android Pie was officially released on March 7, 2018 by Google. This version certainly has many updates and new features that are not owned by the previous version. Just like other android versions, Android Pie certainly has several advantages and disadvantages.

               The Advantages :

               1. Digital Wellbeing Features – Gadgets Addiction Prevention

“Addiction to gadgets” is not something new that we often hear. This is because there are so many people who are “addicted to gadgets”. Even the WHO has officially designated “gadget addiction” as a mental disorder (with the conditions that apply). Well, this feature exists to prevent this.

Results from Digital Wellbeing can be found on the Android Dashboard. You will be shown how much time you have spent on each application you use. In addition, you will also be given a warning to rest so as not to overdo (overtime) when using a gadget by Wind Down.

               2. More Attractive and Colored User Interface

Although the user interface difference between Android Pie and Oreo is not too significant, but there are some elements of Android Pie that are different and more interesting compared to Oreo. One of them is the settings icon on Android Pie which is more colorful with a curved edge design. Animations added to Android Pie make it even more interesting.

               3. Artificial Intelligence (Artificial Intelligence) on the Battery

The topic of AI or artificial intelligence is a very interesting thing to discuss. Android 9 “Pie” has instilled artificial intelligence (AI) on batteries with the aim of managing battery consumption on devices to make them last longer. This feature is referred to as Adaptive Battery.

How it works is that Android will learn what applications you open. The results of this learning will be implemented by Android by channeling less battery power to the application you are using. In addition, it is also important for you to know how to care for Android batteries to make them more durable and long lasting.

               4. More Guaranteed Security System
Android Pie has a more secure security system compared to the previous version. Seeing from the development of increasingly advanced technology, where we currently quite often use electronic money on smartphones and various other online transactions. To guarantee your security and privacy, encryption features are needed for each data exchange.
That is, every internet network connection connected to Android 9 "Pie" will get a random MAC address for each network that is accessed. Android Pie is also very concerned about user privacy in order to prevent wiretapping or other cyber crime by limiting access rights to cameras, microphones and sensors, when the application is not being used or running in the background of the system. As additional information, if your Android smartphone is lost, you can still track it using gmail.
               5. Support for Smartphone Notch
Notch smartphone is also called a bangs smartphone. This smartphone notch trend originated from the iPhone X and essential phones which were then followed by other Android smartphones. This smartphone notch makes the screen wider and more unique. This is the main attraction of the smartphone notch trend.
Even so, many users do not like the concept of design and are considered annoying because the screen becomes cut off when watching or playing games. Therefore, to overcome this problem, Android Pie provides support in the form of a cut-out feature. This feature will render all applications running on Android Pie to be re-rendered to ensure that the application is not interrupted by the notch. Regarding the smartphone screen, if your Android screen isn't sensitive anymore, don't panic right away and take it to the repair shop, try to fix it yourself by looking at the references from the internet.
               6. Action App
App Action feature aims to make it easier for users to perform routine tasks (daily tasks) at the same time. For example, you often open the Google News application in the morning. Well, to simplify your routine, every morning notification will appear from Google News. This feature also applies to other applications, you can even set any application that will appear on this App Action feature.

The Disadvantages :

               1. Ribbons Button Settings
Many people who do not like the design concept of Android Pie. One of them is moving the settings button on the Notification Shade. That is, its position is at the bottom so to enter the settings, you can not only reduce the Notification Shade. To be able to enter the settings, you must scroll down to Quick Settings then click the settings icon. Quite complicated, isn't it?
               2. Use of Gesture (Sweep)
The use of gestures (sweeps) on Android Pie is considered not too good but instead complicates smartphone navigation. Although similar to the iPhone, gesture-based controls on Android Pie are far from the word "perfect" and tend to hamper users.
               3. Users Feel Foreign with Android Pie Design
The Android Pie design concept uses their own interface rather than using AOSP and adding several other features. This makes the Android Pie design still feels strange because it has never been seen by most Android users.
               4. Android Pie Not Evenly Released
When released to the public, Android Pie was first launched to Google Pixel and Android One devices. Meanwhile, for other recent smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy S9 and LG G7 ThinQ have to wait within a certain period.
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