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Of course it sucks to pick up the phone and find that spam call, whether it’s an unneeded offer or a fraud attempt.

Well, to help Android users cope with the glitch, the Google Phone app now has a new feature to automatically detect and filter spam calls with new feature of call blocker.

How to enable it, just open the “Settings” menu in the app, then “Caller ID & spam”, then turn on the “Caller ID & spam” and “Filter suspected spam calls” options.

call blockerGoogle Phone will then attempt to detect and filter incoming spam calls, by directing it to voice mail alias mailbox.

The phone will not vibrate, and then users will not get notified when a spam filter is filtered, so expect it to be undisturbed

Users can still see the incoming phone list -including filtered spam-in call history. Voice mail from all calls can be checked as usual.

Google Phone was previously able to identify spam calls by changing the phone’s screen to red when the phone rings.

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However, this warning and filter feature only applies to previously identified spam calls.

These applications are reported to still often fail to filter spam, such as those from the same area code.

To help Google filter better, users can report spam calls directly from within the Google Phone app, selecting the “Block / report spam” option from the Recent Calls list.

For information, now also has available spam detection applications on the Android platform, such as Whoscall or True Caller, you can download it through Google Play.


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