The advantages of Android Nougat

               1. Split Screen

One of the advantages of Android Nougat is the Split Screen feature that can split the screen to two applications at once. This kind of feature is famous in advance on the iPhone 6, but on the new Android Nougat that carries it. With this you can do two tasks at the same time on one screen and facilitate multitasking. With this feature, you can set Youtube while tweeting and scrolling the Twitter timeline.

               2. Data Saver

Data saver is a data saver feature that is one of the strengths of Android Nougat. This feature is actually exclusively the property of Google Chrome. But on Nougat, this feature was introduced for all browsers and online applications. Called, your data can save up to 45 percent by compressing the page up to a little capacity per kilobyte.

               3. Display new notifications

The notification aspect is the strength of Android Nougat. The reason is that after Android notifications are always stacked, on Nougat notifications will be grouped according to the application: Facebook notifications will be with Facebook, WhatsApp notifications will be with WhatsApp. In addition, notifications will be more interactive because in addition to how it looks more attractive, you can immediately reply to incoming chats from the notification without the need to open the application.

               4. The battery is more efficient

Another advantage of Android Nougat is its more efficient battery with the Doze on the Go feature. This feature works by turning off applications that are running in the background.

               5. Night Mode

Night Mode is a change in the color of the screen to yellow and reduce the blue color which can interfere with hours of sleep.

               6. Java 8 Language

The advantages of Android Nougat this one is for those who are struggling in the field of programmers. The reason is, Java 8 Language has many features that make it easier for activists and application developers.

               7. Display the keyboard

On Android Nougat, Google’s default keyboard will have a slightly different look. Because this new keyboard will be simpler and brighter, so that the overall appearance becomes more attractive. Besides that, there are also choices of emojis that have new shapes and types.

            The disadvantages :

1. Cannot downgrade
               One problem that may be experienced by some users is that it cannot officially downgrade to previous versions of Android. So for example you do an official update with a newer version of Android, you can't update back to the old version of Android. Indeed in some cases, especially those who like to open the device, this can be overcome by installing custom recovery, flash firmware, and finally flash rom. But not all users can do it and might be inconvenient for users who do not have the appropriate resources.
               If you have already upgraded to Android Nougat, then the only thing you can do is to hope that the bugs suffered by your gawa when on Android Nougat have been fixed in the next updated version. It's annoying to hope without certainty. Therefore you can help your Android developer game by providing log records when the bug appears.
2. The hassle of data backup
               This problem may not only be experienced by Nougat, but in almost all device operating systems that are generally available on the market. Indeed, every time we go online, Android will backup data to online cloud storage such as Google Drive for example, to maintain that at any time your cell phone is updated or you lose your device, all your important data is still available.
               However, don't imagine this data backup can reach all of your data. Some that can be backed up might include contacts, applications that you install, and so on. This means that if you have a new device or you have just updated your gawa operating system with another version of the system, then you must also reinstall the application, download data from the cloud, and so on.
               Everything becomes troublesome because the internet access we have is still very limited. Online backup data is not just one or two mega size lo, but you can giga depending on what data you backup. The size of the Android Nougat backup will usually follow what data you want to backup. Therefore, choose carefully what you want to backup.
               Another solution that you can use to overcome this data backup problem is to use a third-party application to do data offline so you don't need to throw away data packages to synchronize online to synchronize data that you had before.
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