The advantages of Android 8.0 “Oreo”

               1. Notification Dots

Notification Dots feature is used to display notifications (notifications) from applications that have not been read by users. Because of the notification, you can find out a little information about the notification application without having to open the application. That way, you don’t have to bother checking each particular application just to get information or notifications.

               2. Picture in Picture (PIP) feature

With the Picture in picture feature, you can watch videos / movies at the same time using other applications such as Line or Whatsapp with one smartphone without feeling disturbed. For those of you who often watch movies on a smartphone, you should install the free movie watching application without quota on your smartphone.

               3. Use More Battery Savings

On Android Oreo, the battery becomes more durable and durable due to a system that limits the background process of the smartphone very well which is called the Background Limit Process. When compared with Android Nougat, Android Oreo is more efficient in battery usage. However, you should also need to know how to save Android battery so that it lasts longer than relying on the features available.

               4. New Emoticons feature

With the New Emoticon feature, Android Oreo has more than 60 new emojis available on the android keyboard. These emojis can be used when chatting, texting or email.

               5. The existence of Google Play Protect Features

With this Google play protect feature, your Android will be protected from dangerous applications that are on the Google Play Store and remove the dangerous application. Well, if an application that is considered dangerous is accidentally installed on your Android, then a notification will appear that will inform you that the application is dangerous.

               6. High-Quality Bluetooth Audio Codec Feature

The Bluetooth High-Quality Audio Codec feature on Android Oreo allows you to use a wireless headset (wirelessly) via Bluetooth with better quality and sound because there is a filter system in it. Of course, it would be very nice if the sound you hear is good and clear. Compared to a wired headset, the advantages of a Bluetooth headset are worth considering. Choose and buy a good quality Bluetooth headset.


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