The emergence of Android 2.3 Gingerbread was warmly welcomed by many parties. The latest operating system made by Google that is highly anticipated has finally revealed its performance along with the official launch of the Samsung Google Nexus S December 7 yesterday. Leaks here and there about the performance of Gingerbread has been circulating a lot since 2 months ago. But now, the benefits of the Android 2.3 Gingerbread Operating System have been revealed. Not gossip and not fiction.

  1. Energy Saving User Interface

Technology development in presenting a simple and energy-efficient user interface can be seen in this Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Energy efficiency on the screen is seen in the use of black in almost all. Also changes to the menu and settings provide convenience in maximizing performance.

2. New keyboard with Word Selection

The first difference that is known on Android 2.3 Gingerbread is the new keyboard display. This new keyboard speeds up the process of writing text because it gives you a few words that you might type with a guide of several letters that have been typed before.

3. Copy / Paste

The copy / paste function makes it easy for you to move a word or sentence just by holding it for a moment on the word or sentence that is intended to be copied anywhere.

4. Power management

Android 2.3 Gingerbread provides energy information used for each application. This will make you set which applications need to be always active and which aren’t. Especially if the battery is running low.

5. Application Control (Task Killer Killer)

Application control is a shortcut for Manage Applications that can be found in the Options menu. From the Application Control, you can see what applications are still active, how much power is used, and if it is not needed, it is better to immediately stop execution.

6. NFC (Near Field Communication)

NFC is a wireless technology with a range of about 10m to transmit data or exchange data with other devices. This technology is being developed. Its function is similar to credit cards, as a means of payment, for sending barcodes, etc. Currently NFC is not yet widely used, but as it develops, many factors will be adapted.

7.      Internet Calling
SIP Internet calling / VoIP features that offer free calls to fellow SIP members can be used on Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Requirement, you must have a SIP account first.
8.      Downloads Management
Download manager is available to manage downloads from the browser, email or other applications.
9.      Camera
You can activate the front camera just by clicking 'select camera'.
Lack of Android Gingerbread
Android is an amazing product, a myriad of features are in it, even the latest version of the OS made by Google is staying gadang far better than iOS. No matter how good Android is still the work of humans who have shortcomings, well because there are already so many articles that discuss the advantages of Android, so here I will write about Android's shortcomings.
1.      Wasteful of Batteries
The famous Android handset is wasteful of batteries, this is understandable because of the effects of the many features of Android, especially 3G, Maps and GPS features. Actually, almost every smartphone is also wasteful of battery, if you want to save, turn off unnecessary features.
2.      Fragmentation
Android handsets are made by many vendors with different screen sizes, some use physical keyboards, some only use touchscreen. The Android version installed on the handset is also different, this causes the experience of using Android is not uniform, it also makes it difficult for the Programmer to make the program
3.      Does not Support J2ME
The programming language for creating programs on Android is java, but Java used is not compatible with J2ME, this is because Android only "borrows" the language only, but the library and user interface are different, for J2ME programmers who want to make Android programs are forced to have to learn more from the start and for users, their favorite applications will not run on Android
4.      Google Centric
Android is an open source product from Google and Open Handset Aliance, which is why applications on Android are very integrated with Google services, call it Email using GMail, Calendar using Google Calendar, even Contact is stored in Gmail Contact. For Google fans this is an advantage in itself, but for users who are not familiar with Google products (eg people who have recently moved from Windows Mobile or Symbian) this is quite troublesome because they have to adjust their habits.
5.      Lots of Malware
The thing that is quite highlighted from Android is the security, the last few months, News on the Internet is decorated with a lot of malware that attacks Android. Don't be surprised if security products such as antivirus also provide the Android version, just call it AVG and Lookout security.
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