Google has finally officially revealed the code name for the Android 13 operating system. According to tradition, Android 13 also uses the names of sweet foods (desserts).

The name Tiramisu on Android 13 was confirmed from system information on Android 13 which was released to developers (developer preview), recently. In the About Phone menu of Android 13 phones, the name Tiramisu is listed in the description of Android version (Android version).

Tiramisu itself is a sweet cake from Italy with a coffee taste. This food is often used as a dessert (dessert) and is common in Italian restaurants around the world.


Just like before, the name Tiramisu for Android 13 is likely to be used only by Google’s internal circles, not announced to the public or listed on users’ Android devices. The reason is, Google has stopped the tradition of naming the Android version with the names of sweet foods/snacks, since the Android version 10 and after.

However, Google still uses the code name for the sweet snack internally, as in the case of Android 10 with the name Quince Tart, Android 11 Red Velvet Cake, and Android 12 Snow Cone.

Google’s decision to no longer use the name food for its OS is regretted by many Android fans. Given the use of the name dessert has become a hallmark of the Android OS.

Google itself began using the name sweet food for the Android OS since the release of Android 3 or version 1.5 (2009), with the name Cupcake. The mechanism for naming the Android OS with the dessert code name after it was made alphabetically.

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