– AMD was once underestimated a few years ago, but since late 2016 its name back into a conversation with “ryzen”. and now launched ryzen 2

AMD successfully re-entice hardware enthusiasts after releasing Ryzen for processor segments and RX series for the graphics card segment. The two latest generations are the sweetest outcome of the innovations that AMD has made so it is now a relevant choice by providing a balance between price and excellent performance.

It is not wrong if I say that the presence of Ryzen and RX series make the computer hardware market map changed and become more competitive. Therefore there is good news for you AMD fans because there is another interesting product.

Continuing the momentum of success, now AMD has officially introduced the second generation Ryzen worldwide. The 12 nm processor with 12 nm fabrication is not a revolutionary leap as before but rather a refinement of Ryzen’s development so far to provide even better performance with similar architecture.

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There are 4 models present in the second generation Ryzen, namely Ryzen 7 2700X, Ryzen 7 2700, Ryzen 5 2600X, and Ryzen 2600. All of the models are staying up to get up to 15% performance boost for gaming up to more Extender Frequency Range 2 (XFR 2) good. Of course, the whole model is also unlocked like the previous model for you who want to overclock.

One thing that paing main course there is increased clock speed higher so you can enjoy the latest weight game more comfortable. To know more information about the specifications, you can see the following table.

logo ryzen

ryzen performance

With the increase in clock speed, AMD says that Ryzen 2 can provide performance up to 20% in all titles. For those of you who want to play streaming sauce games will feel more advantages from the number of cores and threads that Ryzen provide.

AMD said that the “Zen +” architecture improves Interprocess Communication (IPC) and reduces cache and memory latency. This increase will look quite influential when running a program that uses all the cores or cores of the processor.

Not to forget SenseMI technology with Precision Boost 2 that allows the workload to be split evenly to always get optimal performance while XFR 2 can now generate higher frequencies when using the best cooling solution.

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