The high number of traffic accidents in Indonesia has yet to find a bright spot. Ironically, the number of traffic accidents tends to increase and usually takes productive ages. Many factors cause accidents, but the most dominating is the factor of human negligence or human error. Various examples of human error are not knowing the importance of safety driving devices, forgetting to check the quality of the vehicle before driving, not understanding the traffic signs, violating traffic, to underestimating the driver’s own physical condition. Of course this is very dangerous for both motorists and fellow road users.
Indonesia has standard criteria for citizens who want to drive vehicles on the highway. For citizens who have met the criteria and took the test that was held, he will obtain a Driving License (SIM) as the legality of driving a vehicle on the highway. In fact, there are still many people who do not have a SIM can freely drive a motorized vehicle on the highway. Of course this can increase the risk of human error causing traffic accidents.
Copyright works can be used by the government as a solution in minimizing the number of traffic accidents due to human error by citizens who do not have a SIM. This work is aimed at creating an RFID and Arduino-based digital SIM. This Digital SIM uses AES-128 encryption, which in its manufacture requires a special secret code that is only known to the relevant agencies. So that it can reduce illegal practices such as forgery in making SIMs. This technology was made using Arduino as its microcontroller. It is hoped that Digital SIM will reduce the number of counterfeiting of SIMs and motorists who do not have a SIM because the main requirement for starting a vehicle is to use the SIM.
The way SIM works is relatively simple, if the Digital SIM card is brought close to the RFID reader, the machine can start and be ready to run. However, if RFID is affixed to a card other than a Digital SIM, the machine cannot start.


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