The Android operating system is a type of device operating system that is currently worldwide. Various devices manufactured by many well-known factories such as Google, Asus, Oppo, Xiaomi, etc., use the Android operating system as the basis for the device operating system. It shows that there are many advantages contained in the Android operating system so that it produces benefits for both users and manufacturers of devices with the Android operating system.

Many things are characteristic of this operating system. One of the characteristics of the Android operating system is naming the operating system version in alphabetical order while simultaneously symbolizing certain food names. The initial version of this operating system, which was first released more or less in 2008, has the codename Apple Pie aka Android 1.0. Consecutive after that, there is an Android version of Banana Bread (1.1), Cupcake (1.5), until finally it reaches the Android version of Pie (9.0).

This is some advantages of android Lollipop :

1. Interface with a soothing graphic display

Android Lollipop has a more modern interface compared to previous versions of Android. Material design, a type of interface design used by Android since this version of Lollipop. With this material design, you will see a more beautiful, beautiful, and also comfortable interface for our eyes to see. A variety of theme options are also available if you are bored with the same things.

2 . Support all device screen sizes

Android Lollipop also presents a new feature, namely support for multiple screen resolution, which might more accurately be called all-screen resolution support. This means that regardless of the size of your gear, Lollipop will adjust its appearance to match the screen size available on the device where you installed the Android Lollipop.

3. Flexibility in managing notifications

Since Lollipop, Android also presents features to be able to manage the notifications you have. With this feature, you can set which notifications will be displayed or will be hidden, even blocked. Thus, the notifications displayed by Lollipop will be exactly what you want. With this notification system, you also see notifications that appear from certain applications without having to exit the particular application that you are running.

4. Has a 64-bit ART compiler

The next feature found on Android Lollipop, and enough to make a greater contribution to the speed of Android is the 64-bit ART compiler, which is more efficient than the Dalvik compiler. Application of this also makes Android truly a cross-platform, which can be used on ARM, x86, or MIPS processors. The existence of ART compiler will make working memory more optimal so that applications can run faster and loading will also be reduced quite dramatically when compared to previous versions of Android.

5. Has the Volta Project as a feature to increase battery life

Optimization is also done not only in terms of memory. Lollipop also presents the Volta Project, which is a control device that can make battery usage more efficient compared to previous versions. The Volta project can turn off your gear when the power supply is really low so that the battery life can be longer. In addition, the Volta Project can also provide detailed notes on battery power usage from any applications or features that you are currently using.

A job regulator or Job Scheduler API can also ensure that your Lollipop will run heavy applications or tasks only when the battery is charging or in sufficient condition. In addition, the Volta Project also allows Android Lollipopmu to save battery life by decreasing screen brightness, CPU work, background update intervals, and so on. In essence, Android Lollipop is more efficient in utilizing energy from batteries.

6. Have a more informative app recents

On Lollipop there are the latest recents tabs which are more informative when compared to the previous recents app.

7. The unlock mechanism with other hardware connected to you

One of the coolest features that has been around since Android Lollipop is the ability to unlock your Android device when there is your own hardware that you have synchronized previously detected at a certain distance. Thus, you don’t need to unlock multiple times if you use a smartwatch that you have previously synchronized with your Android device.

8. Has work and play usage features

Android Lollipop makes it easy for you to be able to operate your smartphone in two different types of use, namely between work and play, aka work and play. Thus, you do not need to worry when working a lot of resources will be wasted, while when you are playing games instead of your mawa resources do not act optimally.

9. Improved search capabilities

Android Lollipop also comes with a more effective and more accurate search mechanism. You can search for specific things and find findings that are most relevant to what you are really looking for. Of course it will be very easy, especially if you have a lot to deal with files that are often forgotten where you store them.

10. Higher security

Android Lollipop has automatic encryption to help protect data on your device if your device is lost or stolen. SELinux will also run on all applications, so protection against vulnerabilities and malware will also be even better. If you want to be even safer, turn on the smartlock feature where your Android will not open unless you bring another device that you have synchronized before to open your device.

11. Device sharing available

With device sharing, you can share internet access from your gawa or vice versa, as well as other accesses with devices owned by your family or friends.

12. Quick Settings are more efficient

Quick settings is one of the settings menus that appear when you drag down on your gear status bar. With this access, you can change phone settings quickly without having to enter the main settings menu. Some settings such as data access, Wifi, Bluetooth, or location you can turn on or turn off faster and also easily. This way you won’t waste a lot of time navigating to the main settings.

13. Better connectivity

Android Lollipop also comes with enhancing the connectivity capabilities of your gawa. Better internet access and stronger Bluetooth connection capability while still saving battery. On Lollipop, Android will not disconnect us if we move from Wi-fi networks to packet data networks or vice versa. There are also special features that make the internet run only if there is Wi-fi so it won’t cut regular credit.


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