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Batteries on smartphones that are commonly used today consist of two types of batteries namely Removable and Non Removable batteries. A removable battery is usually called a Li-ion battery which is short for Lithium Ion while a battery that is embedded in a cellphone or a non removable battery is usually called a Li-po battery which is short for Lithium Polymer. In buying a cellphone, of course you also have to pay attention to the type of battery used by your target cellphone. Because every battery must have its own advantages and disadvantages.

HP which has been circulating for a long time has a removable type battery that can be opened manually. But on the latest smartphones, mobile phones have been busy popping up that use a type of non-removable or implanted battery that is a battery that is embedded in the cellphone and cannot be disassembled by itself manually. Although this type of battery is still considered strange, but planting batteries also have their own advantages and advantages. Following a review of the advantages and disadvantages of planting batteries.

Excess Battery Planting

1. Larger and Long Lasting Battery Power

Planting batteries have the advantage of greater battery life and long-lasting, aka low-speed batteries. Because it functions as a battery that is not to be assembled, the manufacturer indeed chooses a battery which certainly has more advantages in terms of performance. Long-lasting battery power, duration of use is needed considering that this battery will continue to be used as long as the HP is functioning which is likely to be used for several years.

The battery power on the embedded battery can be twice that of a removable battery. So if you look at the specifications of the HP on the market will be very visible difference in the power of the HP battery with a planting battery and a battery pack. Of course the buyers will be more interested in seeing the specifications of the HP with a planting battery because of its very large power and long usage duration.

2. The battery lasts longer

Unlike the removable battery which is conditioned has its own expiration period in several years of use. But on the planting battery this is very minimized so that users do not have to bother because the problem of batteries that have expired performance and must replace a new battery. For those of you who are often overwhelmed by changing batteries, of course this is a separate solution. You don’t need to worry about being busy replacing a battery that has decreased performance. Because the implanted battery will run very stable and rarely have a problem dropping the battery.

3. Slim HP Body

What you will not get on a cellphone that uses a battery is a slim HP body. If you see a lot of cellphones on the market that have a super thin body then it’s certain that the cellphone uses a planting battery. Using a planting battery is very influential on the shape of the HP body because the battery used is installed neatly on the HP machine, thus saving space in the HP device which makes it a thin body cellphone. For those of you who really prioritize the look of the smartphone that you have, this implanted battery will be a factor in creating a beautiful design on your cellphone.

4. Cellphone is More Sturdy and Not Broken

As we have known for a long time, a cellphone with a removable battery allows us to disassemble the rear casing. Not infrequently this makes the condition of HP to be vulnerable and easily damaged in physical terms. What’s more risk when you open the lid to simply replace the battery, SIM card or microSD. There are so many cellphones with battery batteries that often experience dol on the casing cover, so that the cell phone can not be tightly closed as before. On cell phones with implanted batteries, you wo n’t find all of these risks. Because the planted cell phone will not be able to tamper with you physically. The whole body of the HP is installed properly and tightly. This is what makes the HP become more sturdy and resilient . A tight body becomes extra strength for the HP.

5. Easily Change SIM or SDcard

If you have to remove the battery with a retracted cellphone to replace the SIM card or SDcard then you no longer need to do it if you use a cellphone with a planted battery. You will be presented in a more simple way because both the SIM card and SD card have ports outside the body that are usually located on the side or the bottom side of the cell phone. Again, the use of a planting battery makes the cellphone a more simple item to use. You don’t need much time to replace your smartphone support device and also you can do it anywhere under any circumstances.

6. Safer

It turns out that using a cellphone with a planted crop can improve the security aspect of your cellphone. This can be felt when your cellphone changes hands, is lost or stolen. The condition of the embedded battery will not allow the person who found or stole your cellphone to turn off your cellphone just like the cases that occur on a cellphone with a battery pull. Surely the main mode to be used is to remove the battery so that the HP can not be traced.

However, because the battery you are using is a planting battery, then the option to unplug the battery will not be able to do and your cell phone has a great potential to be found. Even more so if your homescreen is locked, because resetting the cellphone with a planted battery isn’t easy. So not just anyone can tamper with it if they do not study in depth first.

7. Clean the HP Cellphone Inside

If you are a cellphone owner with a battery pull, then you can pay attention to the inside of your HP casing. You will always find dust inside even though you have closed the casing tightly. This is because your cell phone is a cellphone with a casing that can be disassembled for the sake of replacing the battery, sim, or sdcard. So that makes your cell phone has dust that continues to accumulate into the casing every day and will look dirty if you open it for a moment.

But on planted cellphones with cellphones you wo n’t find this case. Because of the density of the HP and does not allow you to disassemble the casing pairs will automatically keep the HP clean inside. The cleanliness of the engine inside the cellphone is also quite important. HP with a dusty and dirty inside will have a higher potential for damage. That is one of the factors why HP with planted batteries can last longer, because the cleanliness of the engine is always well maintained.

8. More Resistant to Overcharge

Hearing the word HP will never be separated from its partner, the charger. The most important supporting device for HP during use. But the problem of society in general often neglects the process of charging HP. Various cases occur because the charging process becomes a tedious process and even annoying for HP users because they have to pause the use of HP.

For those who frequently neglect the charging process either by way pull the plug before the full, charging while using HP’s HP until the case mencharger over time limitation filling or overcharge. Planted cellphones can be your best choice, because planting batteries are created to be more resilient in these cases. So you don’t need to worry about the battery’s performance drop caused by charging problems.

Lack of Planting Batteries

1. Difficult to Change the Battery

Planted cellphones are designed not to be tampered with by the batteries. This will become an obstacle if something emergency happens to your HP battery. If you are usually able to handle it yourself on a cellphone with a revoked battery, then on a planted HP cellphone you need the help of someone who is an expert in his field. The most appropriate place for your destination is definitely the service center provided by your HP brand. Then this is a risk for you who choose planted cellphones. All damages related to batteries will not be solved by you and will force you to go to a service center.

2. Difficult to find a Replacement Battery

Looking for a replacement battery for this type of planting battery is indeed quite difficult . Because it is designed to be irreplaceable by just anyone, the market is reluctant to provide this type of battery stock. The complicated replacement of the battery made the sellers of HP support devices choose not to sell and accept the installation of the implanted battery. So again you have to deal with a service center. Moreover, you have to spend extra funds for replacing batteries which are certainly more expensive than extracted batteries that are easily available on the market with various brands and types.

3. Difficult to overcome Hang

Hangs are a problem that every HP user must have experienced. The most basic way of dealing with a hang on a cellphone is to pull out the battery. It’s really hard to imagine what if this happens to a cellphone with a planting battery. You could not cope with the way sesimple pull out the battery. In certain types of mobile phones have provided a combination of keys that can be used in dealing with cases of hang on the HP. But on some other cellphones there are cellphones that have no alternative in dealing with a cellphone that hangs. So the only way is to wait for the HP battery to run out and start it from the beginning after charging, It’s troublesome for those of you who can’t be separated from the activity of using a cellphone.

4. Prone to Conclusion

Cell phones that have a planted battery have a risk of short-circuiting. Why? This is because we don’t have access to open the case. So if something happens to your cell phone that is related to water, such as being exposed to rain or even splashed you cannot open the casing to dry it like a batteryed cellphone that is usually drained by the machine by opening the case and removing the battery. So that if left unchecked for too long, the planted cellphone which is exposed to water will certainly have a short-circuit or even worse damage.

5. Rarely is available Double Power Battery

If you are a HP user who has a hobby to replace a HP with a double power battery, which is a type of battery but has twice the power of the original you can be sure you will find it difficult to distribute your hobby when using a cellphone with a planting battery. Because the plant battery is very difficult to find on the market, the double power battery becomes even more difficult to find even not available at all. So if you want to use the cell phone battery to plant, estimate whether the battery power is in accordance with your needs so there is no need to look for a double power battery that has become your habit.

Even so if you really have to look for a new battery for your HP needs, then you need to pay attention to the important things in choosing a quality battery.

  • The main thing is to choose a battery with a well-known brand, it would be better if you use the same brand as your HP default battery.
  • Then you do not need to be tempted by the offer of high-power battery that has the type and form of the same , because at the moment there are a lot of battery is fake counterfeit batteries or battery power is not the same as stated.
  • Choose batteries with clear packaging and writing on the bottom, the best batteries will have clear print quality and holographic print.
  • Pay attention to the volume of the battery, a battery with a large power will certainly have a larger volume compared to a small battery. So don’t be fooled.
  • Try to choose a battery that has a warranty. Because a good battery certainly not going to hesitate to provide warranty.
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