Globalization is something that cannot be avoided and is bound to happen. Globalization does not only have implications in the economic aspects, but in all aspects, which in turn makes people have to adapt. Changes in information technology allow international news to be known throughout the world in just a few moments.

Tomlinson (1999) describe globalization in the two sides. First, globalization can bring benefits to a country because globalization has made the world feel very close. Individual distance between one country and another is no longer a limit. The development of communication technology tools such as radio, television, video, internet has made it easy for individuals to reach other people’s areas. Second, globalization may bring disrepute to the country something, because it will lead to new imperialism for the culture of a nation.

The development of communication and information technology that has been explained by Tomlinson has indeed become a new imperialism, not only in the economic, social and cultural world but also in the world of education. In the world of education technological advances have a very important role.

Education alone, according to Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI) is a learning process for each individual to achieve knowledge and a higher understanding of the particular and specific objects. The knowledge obtained formally has an effect on every individual, that is, they have a mindset, behavior and character that is in accordance with the education they have acquired. Meanwhile, according to Ki Hajar Dewantara education is a demand in the life of growing children. The idea is that education leads all the power of nature that exist in learners so as human beings and members of society can attain salvation and happiness of life as high.

In ancient times education was still using a learning system that was manual and still very simple. The learning that is carried out is also still teacher center or it can be said that students play a passive role by listening to what the teacher explains without the need to play an active role like the current 2013 curriculum. Then, before that there was no sophisticated technology that supported learning. The teacher explains and writes the material on the board, unlike now who uses a projector in his learning.

This proves that the development of education is also influenced by technology. However, the development of increasingly advanced technology that will provide a very large influence in the world of education, both positive and negative influences for society, more specifically for students. With this increasingly sophisticated technology, students can easily search for information from around the world.

Ironically elementary school children today would prefer to use HP to play online games than run around chasing kites, doing jump rope game, ‘gobak Sodor’ and so forth. The tendency of children to use online games is bad for them, because it will reduce their social care. Online game features already contain games like in the real world, but if the child does not apply it directly will reduce the child’s ability. Games like ‘gobak Sodor’ and others are actually useful in enhancing the value of cooperation, mutual assistance and as well as the intelligence of children

Technological sophistication does help make it easier for students to learn, but this sophistication will make them lazy to read because the material can be obtained from the internet without having to take photos, write or buy books. This will result in a decrease in students’ interest in reading, not to mention the existence of social media which adds to their laziness. Social media available in various versions will make students addicted to using it. Even when they intend to do the work though, if they have opened the internet they certainly will not forget to just look at their social media accounts.

In addition to lazy to read, students also will be reluctant to go to school, why is that? Because they will think about what they can go to school if the lessons that should be obtained at school can be found on YouTube. In addition there are also several programs, such as e-Learning in learning that makes it easy for students to communicate with their teacher. With this program students do not need to come to school, use uniforms and do other activities such as at school, they just need to fill in the internet quota to be able to meet face-to-face with their teacher. Moreover, this application program can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

In this case parents play a role to teach children about the need and importance of using technology so that children will understand when and where they must use the technology appropriately. In addition, teachers also play a role in providing knowledge about globalization and provide understanding to students regarding the benefits and impacts of technological advancements, both information technology, communication and other technologies. The neighborhood also influences the development of children in the face of technological advances, environments with children who prefer to play in nature are better in children’s cognitive development, than environments with children who like to play video games.

Here are the positive effects of technological development among adolescents:

1. With the internet teenagers can communicate with other users from all over the world.

2. With the internet as a medium for data exchange, using e-mail teenagers can exchange information quickly and cheaply.

3. Facilitate the learning process for teenagers, especially in the field of education.

4. Facilitate communication to connect friendship between teenagers with one another.

5. Make it easy for teenagers to transact and do business in the field of trade so that there is no need to go to the place of offer or sale.

6. Teenagers are not technologically illiterate, teenagers can follow the development of the World Technological Era so that teenagers are more productive.

Here are some of the negative impacts of technological development for teens:

1. Teenagers will often visit sites that smell pornographic.

2. With the internet, it will become an online gambling arena among teenagers.

3. The occurrence of a lot of fraud among adolescents, especially in the field of buying and selling online.

4. Will cause many crimes that occur such as kidnapping, raping, etc.

So, the positive impact or negative impact with the development of technology among adolescents depends on the attitude of adolescents themselves how to use the technology itself, if they use technology from the positive side it will provide benefits for the lives of adolescents themselves and vice versa. If they use technology from the negative side it will cause many problems for the lives of adolescents themselves.

Therefore we need the role of parents, teachers and the environment so that the sophistication of technology can be carried out in a balanced manner.


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