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Another Invention of iPhone Product

Apple’s success in marketing the iPhone X has a significant impact on the release of the latest iPhone on September 13, 2018. Three new Apple mobile phones were officially introduced to the public. The three phones are iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, and iPhone Xr. The kitchen runway specifications given by Apple to the three newest heroes are the same, there are only a few differentiators that make these three latest iPhone prices different, one of which is about the features it carries.            Talking about innards, these three new Appple phones come with a new chipset called Apple A12 Bionic made using 7 nanometer fabrication. And interestingly this is the first chipset that was made using these fabrications. And if you named the cheapest type? of course the iPhone Xr. Why is that? You can get answers why the price of the iPhone Xr can be the cheapest compared to other new iPhones

One of the reasons why the price of the iPhone Xr can be priced cheaply by Apple compared to the iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max is because it uses a different type of screen on the iPhone Xr. Where in this series Apple only uses IPS Display panels with liquid retina technology as wide as 6.1 inches. The screen is far below the screen of the two new Apple mobile phones that already use Super Retina Custom OLED Display technology. But not Apple’s name if they only use a standard IPS panel screen. For this reason, in its release, Apple explained that the IPS panel below it is the best in the world.

This is inseparable from the design that is so mature that it can produce a new innovation from a panel that is often used by other brands as the main ingredient of the screen. As for the price of the given iPhone Xr, the 6.1-inch wide screen has an HD resolution of 828 x 1792 pixels with a ratio of 19.5: 9 and has a density of 326 ppi. With the combination of resolution and screen technology that is included by Apple, making this HD resolution screen display is far above the average of any HD screen. With so enjoy every conen that there was even more fun using this cheapest new Apple phone.

Continue to the design sector, in addition to the quality of the screen that is offered with a very riveting It turns out that even though the price of the iPhone Xr is the cheapest of all types released. Apple still provides quality design that is so elegant on this phone. This can be seen from the use of 7000 seris aluminum material which we know has enough extra strength. For the iPhone Xr, this classy company makes it with dimensions that are quite comfortable in the handheld with a length of 150.9 mm, width 75.7 mm, and 8.3 mm thick. However, the use of sufficient quality material and the presence of other components in it makes the weight reach 194 grams.  If you previously used the iPhone 5c as a daily user, maybe this iPhone Xr could also be an interesting choice. Because the two iPhone models come in bright color choices. For the iPhone Xr itself comes in 6 color choices ranging from Red, Yellow, White, Coral, Black, and Blue. With the presence of bright colors that can not be found in other iPhone series, of course this makes the selling value is much higher. Moreover, this iPhone will also support iOS 12 updates which will soon be published. In addition, on the screen it carries there are also many features such as the True-Tone Display.

Although the price of the iPhone Xr is offered cheaper than the two latest Apple mobile phones, the quality provided in the photography sector is still the best compared to other smartphone series. For the back side, Apple only provides a single camera with a resolution of 12 MP with a f / 1.8 aperture size with a sensor measuring 28 mm. With this lens it is certain that the results will be obtained even more quality. Moreover, Apple also provides some interesting features such as OIS, PDAF, and Quad-LED dual-tone flas which of course will be very helpful to produce perfect photos in any condition.

The ability of the main camera lens is not only visible from the photos, but also can be seen from the quality of the video results obtained. Where is the cheapest series, Apple still provides video recorc capability with a maximum resolution of 4K 2160p with frame size per second starting from 24fps, 30fps, up to 60fps. There are also features behind HDR, as well as stereo sound rec. Then with the affordable price of the iPhone Xr in its class, this phone also has a 7 MP TrueDepth resolution front camera lens with f / 2.2 aperture that will be able to make selfie photos feel more perfect. The quality of the photos from each iPhone camera lens does not need to be questioned anymore. Moreover, with the high price of Apple mobile phones on offer always makes Apple provide a variety of interesting innovations. Included in this iPhone Xr series. You will find some excellent features such as Selfie Portrait that will be able to make photos that can have high bokeh accuracy and there are also capabilities in the form of Animoji and Memoji that will allow you to have an animation in accordance with the look on your face when making it. How cool is not the quality of this iPhone Xr’s camera.

Continuing on the connectivity section, from the data we have obtained it is known that Phone Xr will be marketed using two sim card slots especially for the China and Hong Kong markets. While for the global market, Apple provides dual sim features, but one of them uses virtual sim card technology or e-SIM. As for other connectivity, the iPhone includes Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac features with dual band technology support, then Bluetooth v5.0, NFC, and no GPS lagging utilizing A-GPS, GLONASS satellite technology , GALILEO and QZSS. Nevertheless our government itself does not yet have e-SIM technology, for this it is likely that this smartphone will not be marketed in Indonesia. Except Apple makes the same dual sim features as we encounter on an android smartphone. But it is also possible that Apple will also negotiate our government to make policies for e-SIM in the future. Meanwhile, the price of the expensive iPhone Xr also makes this smartphone has 4G LTE Cat16 technology and a planting battery that is reportedly able to make this phone can last up to 20 hours for internet use. Amazingly there are also features Fast charging and Qi wireless charging.


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