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“Humans will never stop exploring. We need to look far ahead and move from ‘actively innovating’ to ‘persistent creating’. Rapid changes will occur in human life, work culture, and in social life, as the adoption of AI, 5G, cloud computing, and a number of other technologies develops. “

The statement above was delivered by a technology expert from one of the world’s leading technology companies, Kevin Zhang. Talking about change and innovation, we cannot be separated from the digitalization and technology sectors of the future.

Will and needs that are constantly changing again make people dissatisfied with what is. Add to this the progress of information and the scientific world, which drives us to develop in a better direction.

Basically, technological change and progress are not something to worry about. In the beginning it might indeed be difficult, because every new one definitely requires adaptation.

However, everything can certainly be done, it just needs to be processed. One process we can start from finding out and learning about future technology. Through various literacy and explanatory notes.

In this article, we will try to describe and review the future of technology. What are the forms, what sectors will be affected, and how will we respond.

Possibilities in the Technology Age of the Future

Talking about the future, means talking about something that is coming and is identical to what is dreamed of. Coupled with the ability and desire of humans to become better, create innovation.

In other words, dreams, plus abilities and desires ultimately produce an innovation. The presence of innovation, makes new possibilities that we need to face and forces ourselves to adapt.

Emergence of New Jobs

At present, we are familiar with the term industrial revolution 4.0, where one of its characteristics is the technological advancement and digitalization era. Digitalisation can and is very likely to occur in various sectors and occupations. Initially it was worrying, because digitalization made human work replaced.

But no need to worry, because the closed work of humans, does not mean closed for humans. Many new jobs will emerge, of course related to technology.

Because, as sophisticated as technology, he is still man-made. Where when something goes wrong or damage, it is human who can still fix it.

For example, if in the past we needed many officers to guard the tax payment counter, but now everything can be done online. Not that the Director General of Taxes no longer needs people in their services, they still need them, but in a different position, for example, as a web developer.

Demands for New Performance and Capabilities

In line with the first point about the emergence of new jobs. It makes or even requires us to have new skills too.

If we do not want to be outdone by technology and digitalisation, then we must immediately familiarize ourselves and conquer it. The higher the adaptability and our ability to analyze the needs of certain abilities, we will not worry and be afraid of these various advances.

Cooperating with Robots

The last point I might have to prepare and pay attention to is our ability to work with robots. Make us not hostile, but make friends with robots and make them as a party that can facilitate our work.

Trends in Future Technology

Next, we will discuss, trends and possible types of technology that will be present in the future. Certainty is very tentative time, the future in question does not have to be ten years from now, it can be faster than that, or even next year we have already met it.

Now we will discuss points from future technology trends which are predicted to be coming soon by Global Industry Vision (GIV).

Global Governance

The first point is related to global governance that will change in the digital direction. It can be in terms of financial management, to government. This technology will utilize big data in carrying out various management needs.

It is predicted by GIV, in 2025 the amount of data and its use can be very large. Equivalent to 1 trillion GB every year.

Barrier Free Communication

Then, what will become a trend of future technology is an increasingly easy and barrier-free communication channel. At this point, many sectors influence and support this communication.

For example, big data innovation and its use, to increasingly sophisticated information and communication technology. So that later as if there were no more restrictions on the area or time to make communication.

5G network

Most of us use 4G networks to access the internet and communicate. Speed ​​is good enough, but the name is also a person who is never satisfied, then there will continue to be innovation.

Therefore, there is a technology or 5G technology which is predicted far faster than its predecessor generation. The 5G event is predicted to be felt and used in 2025, but it can only reach 58% of the existing human population. Could we be one of them?

Intelligent Transportation System

If we are now familiar with smart phone devices or what is commonly referred to as smartphones, later intelligence will also be transmitted to other things, such as transportation.

Future technologies in the field of transportation allow for a synergy between transportation, infrastructure and people. Making things easier, more efficient and expected to be barrier-free.

The form of technology is predicated in the form of cellular vehicle to everything. Maybe there are no more drivers, or even pilots. Everything is driven by a machine that is digitally regulated.

Symbiotic Economy

The point is the establishment or establishment of strong synergy or symbiosis in various sectors. This will also affect the economic sector.

Economic progress, and economic strength will build stronger and synergize with each other.

Augmented Creativity

I’ve heard the term just now, which is also often referred to as AI, but not artificial intelligence. Augmented creativity means a technology or breakthrough that will be a bridge between work in the real world and digital experience.

A kind of application that will combine interaction, creativity and digital. He will be useful in the development of science, science, art and others. It is predicted that many companies will use it and use it.

It is believed, the future technology of this one can combine various things, such as concepts, computer programs, and science in various fields and sectors.

So we as knowledgeable humans, it is appropriate to develop ourselves in various aspects. Both personal life and others. We must innovate more and pursue a lot of backwardness so that we can adapt easily without any fundamental fear to face the era of globalization that continues to grow rapidly


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