LCD (liquid crystal display) is the technology in display screen. LCD is next generation technology that thinner than cathode ray tube (CRT) technology. LCD has 2 big schema as power that connected with lamp inside screen. The second ones is data block that has display processor.

LED (light emiting dioda) display is a flat panel display, which uses an array of light-emitting diodes as pixels for a video display.

This is 9 difference between LED dan LCD that you must know

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The Brightness

LED display single element reaction speed is 1000 times LCD LCD screen, its brightness is also more advantageous than LCD LCD screen, LED display screen can also be taken under the glare, and adapt Low temperature of minus 40 degrees.

Power Consumption

power consumption is the most concern of people, LED power consumption compared with LCD, the ratio of about 10:1, in this regard, LED has a great advantage.

Viewing Angle

LCD display angle limit is very large, this is a very lively people headache, as long as the deviation is slightly larger, you can not see the original color, and even can not see anything; LED Provides a viewing angle of up to 160°.

Refresh Rate

the use of electrical energy LED into light energy, using the injection principle, so its higher refresh rate, and then better in the video processing.

Contrast Ratio

the relatively high-contrast LCD display that is currently known is 350:1, but in many cases, it cannot meet various needs, but LED display can achieve higher and more extensive use.


Appearance of LED based on the use of light-emitting diodes, the relative LCD, the display can do a thinner.

Scope of Use

LED display application range is wider than the LCD display, it can display a variety of text, numbers, color images and animation information, but also can play TV, video, VCD, DVD and other color video signals, more important It is possible to use multiple display screens for online broadcast.

Service Life

LED display can generally support about 100,000 hours, under normal circumstances, can be used for decades, but LCD is much less.


LED screen than the LCD screen color is more true, because LED TV’s color gamut is much more than LCD.

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