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            5G or Fifth Generation (fifth generation) is a term used to refer to the fifth generation as the next phase of cellular telecommunications standards exceeding 4G standards. This fifth generation technology is planned to be officially released for cellular operating systems by 2020, so it is still too early to know what the 5G technology will be like. In 5G technology, data will be sent via radio waves. Radio waves will be divided into different frequencies. Each frequency is prepared for different types of communication, such as aeronautical and maritime navigation signals, television broadcasts, and mobile data. The use of these frequencies is regulated by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). TU has restructured parts of radio waves comprehensively to transmit data while developing existing communication technologies including 4G and 3G.

            5G technology cannot be ascertained as to what are the advantages and disadvantages because at present it is still in the form of concepts. But from the concepts created, there are several concepts that are the main objectives of 5G technology, namely:

  • Data rates that are more significant than 4G
  • Have data transfers from one phone to another with a speed of one milli second.
  • Can be connected with devices such as telephones, cars, and household appliances.

            5G technology is predicted to have a speed of around 800Gbps, or one hundred times faster than the speed of the previous generation. With such speed, 5G technology can make it possible to download 33 High Definition movies in just a few seconds. The era of 5G networks has gradually been carried out. The 5G network not only impacts mobile phones, but also homes, transportation and workplaces, and threatens the work of millions of people. New technology based on 5G will control the car without a driver, bring holographic phone calls, and create reality everywhere.

            Tests in the United States (US) show, 5G provides data speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps per second. It’s 25 times faster than 4G speed and has the potential to increase speed to 10Gbps. One day, someone can download a two-hour film to a cellphone in just 3.6 seconds. Experts call it the biggest technological innovation, since the existence of the internet. However, there is also a downside to using 5G. “5G will make the world easier and more efficient in everyday life,” said Head of the 5G Innovation Center at Surrey University Professor Rahim Tafazolli. 5G-based tools will also change the world of medicine. The 5G-based device allows surgeons to operate thousands of miles away. Inexperienced medical personnel can also sew wounds and make incisions under expert instructions from specialists working in separate hospitals, maybe even from other continents.

            The 5G network allows patients to be treated at a local hospital, with specialists located elsewhere supervising treatment via the internet. Changes will also change the way people are treated, allowing people who are vulnerable, but want to stay at home to continue to be treated. The Sun editor Daniel Jones says Britain leads with 5G. With one of the largest and fastest networks, British companies can take the lead in creating devices and services that utilize this game-changing technology.

How does it work?

            There are a number of new technologies that might be implemented, but the standards have not been established for all 5G protocols. Higher frequency bands, 3.5GHz (gigahertz) to 26GHz and higher than that, have a lot of capacity but shorter wavelengths can mean lower range. That allows the current network more easily blocked by physical objects. Therefore the creation of new technology is likely to be implemented, for example by making several smaller telephone poles, which are placed closer to the ground to transmit what is called a “millimeter wave” between a much higher number of transmitters and receivers. This will enable higher usage densities. Unfortunately the technology is expensive and telecommunications companies are not fully committed to developing it.

How fast is 5G?

            The fastest 4G cellular network currently offers an average of around 45Mbps (megabits per second), although the industry still hopes to reach 1Gbps (gigabits per second = 1,000Mbps). Chipmaker Qualcomm considers 5G to reach search and download speeds around 10 to 20 times faster in real-world conditions. But the statement contradicts the results of the current research. With 5G, users might be able to download high definition movies in just one minute or more. There is also a type of 5G Standalone network which is expected to have a very high frequency of 30GHz, but unfortunately this network will certainly not be available in a few years.

Why is 5G needed?

            The world continues to change and humanity consumes more data every year, especially as the popularity of streaming video and music increases. Existing spectrum bands are increasingly congested, which causes damage to services, especially when many people in the same area are trying to access cellular services online at the same time. 5G is far better at handling thousands of devices simultaneously, from cellphones to equipment sensors, video cameras to smart street lights.

When will 5G be used?

            Most countries are unlikely to launch 5G services before 2020, but Ooredoo Qatar says it has launched a commercial service, while South Korea is targeting to launch it next year, with its three largest network operators agreeing to launch at the same time. China is also racing to launch services in 2019. Meanwhile, regulators around the world are busy auctioning the spectrum for telecommunications companies, which have experimented with cellphone makers that load the new service.

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