One of the well-known automotive manufacturers Volvo is rumored to be working with China Unicom to bring 5G connectivity to its production car. Both companies plan to utilize ultra-fast connections to improve vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication technology, which makes travel safer and more comfortable anywhere.

The benefits of 5G connectivity are well known and available in several developed countries. Reporting from Digital Trends (16/1), this network promises faster upload and download speeds when compared to 4G. 5G also has very minimal latency interference. Volvo and China Unicom form an alliance to research, develop and test how motorcyclists can benefit from it every day.

This collaboration is still in its early stages, so that no party is ready to announce what will happen next. But they have identified several ways 5G can improve travel. Speaking of infrastructure, cars can detect traffic jams or construction on certain routes. It can also help drivers find a parking space by analyzing footage from traffic cameras, and communicating with traffic lights.

The technology developed through this partnership will be present in 2021 in the third generation XC90 car, although it is still too early to say whether 5G will be available at launch, or whether the feature will appear later in the production process.

Volvo is not the only company that will implement 5G technology in its cars. At the CES 2020 exhibition BMW recently announced a partnership with Samsung that will apply it to the iNext concept car using a built-in SIM card so that the driver will have access to 5G technology.

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