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Twitter released a small size flash key (USB) that can be used to lock the user’s Twitter account. By utilizing these keys, accounts become more secure and not easily penetrated by hackers or hackers.

The physical key is known as a universal two factor (U2F) security key device. The security level of this device is higher than the security using code sent via SMS. The reason, users who use this U2F security key need to take it and actually press the button in the device to get into Twitter account with this usb security key. While phone numbers on two factor authentication can still be tapped by hackers, so the security code sent can be easily peeped.

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In addition to being the usb security key for a user’s Twitter account, U2F security key also have other benefits. One of them is to protect its users from phishing or fraudulent activity using fake Twitter site. This is thanks to U2F security key features that can only work if connected to the original Twitter page, can not be used on fake sites that are usually used by phishers. As for how to use U2F security key, according to Twitter, users need to register their mobile phone number first in his account, as summarized decdeg from ZD Net,

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