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5 More Trendy Car Technologies in 2018

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The car is one of the most used vehicles in the world. Various latest technological evolutions are also always applied by car manufacturers to improve the convenience, comfort, and safety of users in driving. Here are five predicted car technologies that will be the trend in 2018.

1. Voice Assistant

Voice assistant technology aka voice assistant has been introduced quite a long time. If seen from its history, early development of this technology has been started since 1961, that is with the introduction of IBM Shoebox as digital speech recognition tool (tool of digital speech recognition) the first in the world.

Significant developments began with the presence of Siri on iOS from Apple in 2011. Currently, Siri became one of the main features in the iPhone product. This technology is also increasingly mushrooming, followed by various operating system developers and other technology manufacturers, such as Google Now, Microsoft Cortana, and Amazon Alexa.

Car manufacturers did not miss applying this technology. Ford and BMW have established a partnership with Amazon to integrate Alexa into his car. Hyundai plans to work with SoundHood to develop his own voice assistant. Mercedes Benz is developing its MBUX which was introduced at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) event in early 2018. Toyota has also introduced Yui’s concept product with a sophisticated personal assistant.

2. Eco Car

Awareness of the importance of protecting the environment has been the concern of many people. One of them is by using environmentally friendly cars, such as hybrid cars and electric cars. Currently, almost all famous car manufacturers already have a hybrid car variant or electric car in its product line. In addition, pollution-free cars with hydrogen fuel also become a trend today.

Technological development in an increasingly sophisticated electric car makes it predicted to be able to replace an oil-fueled car. One electric car manufacturer owned by Elon Musk, Tesla also managed to create an electric-powered sports car. With the power, speed, specification, and shape similar to the sports car in general, sports car owned by Tesla claimed to have lighter weight and cheaper price. One variant of Tesla, the Roadster 2 even able to achieve the fastest car title in the world by defeating Bugatti Chiron.

3. DDREM Technology as Drowsy Driver Detector

A technology called Departed Driver Rescue & Exit Maneuver (DDREM) was developed by Hyundai Mobis, a subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Company that manufactures components and develops systems for Hyundai car products.

This technology allows the car to pull over automatically if the driver is indicated to be sleepy or asleep. DDREM system consists of several steps. First, the infrared camera scans the movement of the face and eyes to determine whether the driver is constantly staring forward, changing the flashing pattern or showing any other signs of drowsiness.

Second, this technology also detects the movement of the car. For example if the driver moves in and out of the lane, crosses the path in a zigzag, or makes inconsistent driving motions like a sleepy person.

Third, if the DDREM system has ensured that the driver is really drowsy or asleep, then this system will work and directly integrated with other systems and devices, including GPS, radar, camera, braking system and electronic power steering. The goal is to automatically take over the wheel to find a safe place and stop.

4. Vehicle-to-Vehicle Technology Allows Cars to Talk

Speaking here means no car can chat or chat with other cars. But the “talk” that occurs is the exchange of information between the vehicles with each other about the condition of the street, weather, congestion, or even an accident.

Communication between cars using Wi-Fi connection and integrated with the existing system in the car. This technology is very useful to know the condition of the streets to be skipped, and avoid accidents.

5. Self-Parking Technology for Easier Parking

Automatic parking technology is also not a new thing. But predicted to be growing and widely used by various car manufacturers in 2018 this year. This technology is meant to make it easier for drivers to park their cars, especially if the land is narrow and difficult, or if the driver is a beginner and just learning to drive a car.

There are several types of self-parking technology, depending on the type and brand of the car. There is a nature that guides the driver to park the car in the right way, some are fully take over the wheel and park the car automatically without having to drive.

Having a car with advanced technology would be the desire of many people. However, if the budget is limited, it’s worth considering to buy a used car. However, choose a car with a year of release that has not been too long, so the technology was not left behind. Buying on credit can be the right choice, because the price is cheap and can be repaid in a certain period.


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