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Photography landscape (scenery) can be spelled out one of the genre is quite complicated. Moreover, this genre demands the culprit to get out into the open in the midst of changing natural conditions, both from weather problems to the position of the sun that determines the lighting of a location.

In anticipation of that, you can do a mature and detailed planning. This planning can be made easily. At least you can do it with only the capital of smartphones as well as certain applications.

There are five apps we recommend to install on smartphone as a landscape photography session planning tool, here are the apps we mean.

1. Photo Pills

Application of this one can be practically complete to meet the needs of landscape photography planning. The information presented is complete, for example about the position of the sun and the moon at certain times and features augmented reality (AR) to see the positions of celestial bodies.

In addition, PhotoPills can also help take into account exposure, depth of field, as well as taking into account the parameters needed to create time-lapse photos.

All the plans you have created in PhotoPills can be saved or shared with others. Plus this app is available both on Android and iOS.

It’s just that you have to spend money to wear them.

2. Weather & Radar

The weather forecast application is required to determine if the shooting location is likely to rain, wind, brightness, duration, what temperature and what warnings are there. Well, one of the applications that will help find out this information is Weather & Radar.

In it you will find enough accurate information about these conditions today, hourly, or forecasts for the next 8 days. Interestingly again, you can check weather information from various parts of the world.

This can help you prepare the required equipment, as well as the light conditions there. For example, when determining the type of camera body and lens that must be brought, predict light twilight is soft because filtered clouds, or when looking for conditions when the location is bright without clouds at all.

3. Light Polution Maps

This app shows maps of which areas are still dark without being affected by urban light pollution, as well as which areas are already filled with light pollution.

Indeed not every landscape photography requires information about light pollution. But this application will be useful especially if you want to observe celestial bodies, staring at the constellations, or photographing the Milky Way and the stars. Because the activity can only be done if the sky is really dark.

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This app is available for free on Android and iOS. But with the note, the free edition that has ads, lower accuracy, and can not save a specific location. You can update it to the premium version through an in-app purchase to delete ads and access all features.

4. NiSi ND Calculator

This app is designed to help you determine exposure before taking a photo. How to use it is to enter the value of shutter speed you want to use to take pictures, then enter the type of ND filter that will be attached to the muzzle of the lens.

Next will appear the calculation of the time required to get the appropriate exposure, if you shoot when the ND filter is installed.

5. Cascable

This application allows you to turn your smartphone or tablet into a remote camera. You can pair it with any camera, provided that the camera has a WiFi connection.

Furthermore, Cascable will provide the ability to move photos, view photos on a larger screen, control the shutter, as well as various other features.

This app has better performance than the vendor’s built-in remote app. You can download it for free, but have to pay if you want to use the full feature.

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