It is not the time to argue about the advantages of Windows vs OS X or vs Linux, because the three operating systems have the advantages of each that can not be compared with each other. Smarter and more precise discussion is how to utilize this operating system to its full potential and find its best potential, especially Linux which consists of many distros and even some distros made specifically for hacking and penetration testing.

It’s no secret that the operating system that is focused on securities testing is a true friend of the hackers, they use the operating system to find weaknesses in computer systems and in computer networks.

Hacking activities can not run without the help of a computer, one of which plays an important role is the operating system. Professional hackers or newcomers may use different concepts and program code when hacking, but it turns out that the operating system most used by them is a Linux-based OS.

1. Kali Linux

Kali Linux is one of the most popular and best OS for hackers to launch attacks. The OS used by professional hackers is arguably using Kali Linux, and some even make their own OS. This OS is a reincarnation of BackTrack, a Linux distribution created specifically for the purpose of penetration and testing of a computer security system. Kali Linux is predicted to be more stable and powerful than the previous generation.

This OS also provides privacy and security from other OS vulnerabilities and is fully developed to Debian development standards. The advantages of Kali include the tools used are always updated.

2. Parrot Security OS :

Parrot Security OS was developed by the Frozenbox Development Team, this OS is also the incarnation of the Debian operating system. This cloud-friendly Linux distribution is specifically designed for hacking, penetration testing, computer forensics, cryptography and more.

Compared to others, Parrot Security OS promises a lightweight and highly efficient OS. Along with the many tools that are recognized legal, hackers also have the opportunity to work and surf anonymously. Also note, Parrot Security OS is a combination of Frozenbox OS and Kali Linux. This OS uses the Kali Linux repository to update its tools, but also has its own repository for storing customized packages. It is equipped with the MATE desktop environment and the interface adopted from GNOME 2. The operating system is also supported by a large and solid community.

3. BackBox :

Backbox Linux is a ubuntu-based operating system created specifically for handling securities and penetration testing. Comes with a variety of security analysis tools for web applications, network analysis and others. This OS is equipped with a complete desktop environment. The software repository gets periodic updates with a more stable version.

4. Pentoo

Pentoo is one of the best operating systems for hackers that only takes the form of a Live CD. Distros that can be run with a live CD are made for security testing and are based on Gentoo. This Linux distribution is accompanied by hacking tools such as Backported WiFi stack, XFCE4 and so on. You only need to make a bootable USB to run Pentoo and there are no special requirements to install it.

5. Nodezero

Nodezero is also a complete operating system for hacking based on Ubuntu, which is used for regular penetration testing. NodeZero uses the Ubuntu repository so that our system will always be up to date. So every time you get an update for Ubuntu, Nodezero also gets it. In NodeZero there are about 300 tools for penetration testing and managing the basic services needed in penetration testing.

6. Network Security Toolkit (NST)

Network Security Toolkit is a Fedora-based Linux distribution, which consists of 32-bit and 64-bit platforms and is bundled with the best open source software for hacking, pen testing and internet and network security testing.

Network Security Toolkit (NST) is a Fedora Core based operating system that can be used for hacking or security testing in the form of a Live CD. Live plug can directly boot on your computer. This toolkit is designed to provide easy access to the best-of-breed open source network security applications and must be run on the x86 platform. The purpose of developing this toolkit is to provide the Network Security Administrator with a set of open source network security tools.

7. Arch Linux

Arch Linux is a Linux distribution for IA-32-based computers and x86-64 architectures. This operating system is open source and there is free software that is also supported by the community. Arch Linux is one OS or even the only OS that gives freedom to its users to freely modify the OS to be used.

8. DEFT Linux :

DEFT stands for Digital Evidence And Forensic Toolkit. This operating system is based on Ubuntu, and was developed with reference to the DART (Digital Advanced Response Toolkit) software. Consists of forensic tools and documents that can be used by hackers, penetration testers, Information Security Specialists and lay users.

9. Caine :

Caine is one of the hacking operating systems based on Ubuntu. Caine stands for Computer Aided Investigation Environment and can also be run via USB or directly installed to the hard disk, this variant is equipped with a complete tool for the forensic system.

Caine comes with a large number of databases, network analysis software and for forensic purposes. Besides this OS is also given a general application, such as a browser, email application, document editor, and others for everyday computing purposes.

10. GnackTrack

GnackTrack is also one of the best operating systems for hacking, especially for security testing. Linux based OS is equipped with several tools such as Metasploit, Armitage, wa3f and others. Gnacktrack isn’t just a single player in the ethical hacking field, so you can try a number of other distributions too.

11. Bugtraq

Available for Debian, Ubuntu and OpenSuse, Bugtraq is known for its electronic mailing list dedicated to computer security. Issues discussed are discussion of vulnerability issues, exploitation methods and so on. The Bugtraq team consists of experienced hackers and developers who devote all their abilities to develop Bugtraq. Bugtraq is equipped with thousands of penetration testing tools, forensic tools, malware testing tools and other software developed by the Bugtraq community.

12. BlackArch Linux :

BlackArch Linux is one of the most complete Linux distributions in terms of software and hacking programs for hackers. This distribution is a derivative of Arch Linux, PCs that have Arch Linux installed can install BlackArch Linux components into it. BlackArch is also equipped with more than 1500 tools.

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