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Alright, on this occasion the admin shared about how to take care of a smartphone. Immediately, see the explanation of how to care for the smartphone below.

  • Give the casing and screen protector.
    You really have to protect your smartphone, especially the body and screen. Spending a little money to buy a case and screen protector does not seem a problem. Besides, nowadays HP accessories are very cheap. If you provide protection to the body and screen of your cellphone, your smartphone is not easily scratched and looks like new despite years of use.
  • Clean periodically.
    Continually used, of course, cell phones will get dirty easily. You must be diligent in cleaning it. One simple way to clean your cellphone is to use an alcohol wipe. Be sure not to use water, wet wipes or other cleaners that will make the smartphone damp.
  • Avoid playing with a cellphone when it is being charged.
    This is a bad habit of almost all smartphone users. They often play cellphones when being charged. This method will make the battery easily damaged and will eventually lead to other hardware damage. It’s better to wait for a while until the battery is full, then use it again as usual.
  • Avoid placing the phone on top of magnetic objects.
    Without us knowing the habits that are carried out and can make your smartphone short-lived. Usually the cause is because it puts the smartphone on the TV, radio and other magnetic smells.
  • So that the speaker is not easily damaged.
    The speaker is part of a smartphone that is very reliable, both for calling and listening to music. So that the HP speaker is not easily damaged, then what you need to do is not to listen to music or videos with full speaker volume, it’s a maximum of 90 percent.
  • Store in a safe place.
    Determine a safe place to store the smartphone when not in use. Make sure the storage will not make your smartphone fall or step on. Sometimes the carelessness of putting a smartphone everywhere can be fatal. We recommend that you store it in places that are very safe, such as bookshelves, on the study table and other places that you think are very safe.
  • Keep the keys or keyboard safe.
    The most important part of smartphone dans often used is the keyboard. As is known, the button on the smartphone has different functions and if it continues to be used it will result in decreased function on the smartphone button. Although there are now many touch screen cellphones, some cell phones still include buttons, such as the menu or home button and the back button. Therefore, use the button wisely and do not press it continuously when not needed.
  • Backup and restore.
    So that smartphones can run smoothly and without any obstacles, all you have to do is backup regularly. Try storage on a laptop or flashdisk.
  • Select the important application.
    Now this is indeed a lot of tempting interesting applications. But if you download all these applications it will have a negative impact on your smartphone. It’s better to sort out the ones you use very often and are very important. The rest is removed.
  • Use antivirus.
    Using antivirus and regular updates will make your smartphone lighter and more durable. Using antivirus is highly recommended to prevent viruses from entering the smartphone through the internet, file and bluetooth networks. For that, you should update your antivirus once every 3 days.

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