10 Best and Most Sophisticated Drones in the World, You Must Have!

11 Drone Terbaik dan Tercanggih di Dunia, Wajib Kalian Miliki!

Urbaner, the more drones, the best drones in the world, are increasing every day. Though the most sophisticated drone aircraft can only be used and used by the military in a country. Better, now you can use drones for various activities, such as photography and videography.

The Best and Most Advanced Drone in the World
Although priced at a fairly expensive price, a row of the most sophisticated drones in the world are much sought after. Anything?

SenseFly Albris
The most sophisticated drone in the world, this one is suitable for object mapping activities. Equipped with 3 different cameras, this drone is able to produce three videos with different backgrounds and shooting angles. Regarding image quality, you don’t need to hesitate anymore. The best drone from SenseFly Albris uses a Full HD camera and thermal video imagery that can be used to detect hotspots in high rise buildings. To have this sophisticated drone there is a fantastic price that you must pay. One unit of SenseFly Albris is sold for $ 25,000 or equivalent to Rp350 million. Do you definitely spit, don’t you know the price to pay for this most sophisticated drone?

Hasil gambar untuk Marcus UAV Zephyr2

Marcus UAV Zephyr2
If you need the best drone with longer flying time, Marcus UAV Zephyr2 could be the right choice. Even if you have to spend up to Rp200 million, you can get the most sophisticated drone equipped with a very complete ground control system. With a duration of flying for 1 hour, this drone can cover distances of up to 40 kilometers. Take it easy, Full HD camera quality makes the capture of images or videos more precise.

Hasil gambar untuk Lehmann Aviation LA500-AG

Lehmann Aviation LA500-AG

Urbaners, the type of Lehmann Aviation LA500-AG drone is one of the UAV or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle drones that is highly recommended for monitoring the condition of agricultural land from the air or mapping the area. With its capabilities, this sophisticated drone can fly vertically and offer very precise results. The best drone on this one is also equipped with Sequoia multispectral which offers very clear images. The maximum duration of Lehmann Aviation LA500-AG flight is 45 minutes with the farthest distance of 25 kilometers. If you want to have it, you have to prepare a fund of around Rp.115 million. Unmanned aircraft from a French company is much sought after, especially for governments who want to monitor agricultural conditions in certain areas.

DJI T600 Inspire 1
Equipped with a 16 MP camera, the DJI T600 Inspire 1 is capable of recording video images with RAW quality up to 30 fps. Not only that, the best drone for Rp. 44 million is also equipped with an integrated 3-axis dreadlocks that will make you record images more stable. To make it easier to control the drone and the camera, there is a remote with two different controllers. So, you can take pictures maximally even though the camera rotates up to 360 degrees. To increase the maximum quality of the photos produced, you can also use the Dji Go application, which is a special application to control the Zenmuse X5R camera mounted on the drone’s body. This application is useful for adjusting camera settings, even when the drone is flying. For example, you can adjust the focus on the desired object. Including setting the shutter speed to white balance in order to get maximum photos.
Coupled with Lightbridge technology, this most advanced drone aircraft can do live streaming with 720p quality. So, you can do live streaming from a distance of up to 2 km between the drone and the controller. DJI Inspire 1 is able to withstand winds of up to 10 meters / second. The maximum height that can be achieved is 4,500 meters above the ground level.

Hasil gambar untuk Splash Drone 3

Splash Drone 3
Splash Drone 3 was intentionally created for the purpose of SAR (Search & Rescue). This sophisticated drone aircraft can be flown at any time and anywhere and in any weather conditions, including even underwater. Equipped with mission planning features, payload release, follow me and auto return, don’t be surprised if Splash Drone is priced quite expensive, which is around Rp. 21 million. The orange drone is powered by a 620kv motor and 1242 carbon fiber blades which are more powerful when compared to its predecessor. The modular system can adapt quickly to all types of missions. Starting from the “tasks” for aerial filming, search and rescue in the waters, surveys at sea, fishing and many more activities that you can complete easily.

Hasil gambar untuk Yuneec Typhoon H

Yuneec Typhoon H
The next best drone is named Yuneec Typhoon H. Priced at around Rp. 20 million, you can get various advanced features from this unmanned aircraft. This professional grade drone is capable of recording images with 4K resolution at 30 fps with 12 MP camera. Furthermore, the flying time of the Yuneec Typhoon H drone can take as long as 25 minutes. One more, the camera that is carried by this drone is able to take 360 ​​degree images so that the results of the image or video recording are very precise and clear quality. Equipped with 6 stable propellers, you don’t need to be afraid to fly this drone despite strong winds.

Hasil gambar untuk DJI Mavic Air

DJI Mavic Air
At the beginning of 2018, the latest DJI Mavic Air series appeared with an ultra-portable camera that can be released in the open with clearer picture quality. Uniquely, the size of the Mavic Air is only 168 × 83 × 49mm and weighs only 430 grams. The drone has folding arms and the propeller rests on a slim aerodynamic frame similar to a smartphone when folded. Comes with 12 MP photo camera specifications and 32 MP panoramic video this built-in drone can also record video at 30fps to 120fps in high definition (HD) mode. Every aspect of the DJI Mavic Air camera has also been designed for maximum performance. Equipped with a CMOS sensor 1 / 2.3 “and a 24mm F2.8 lens, this device is able to capture photos and videos with crystal clear quality. About the price, DJI Mavic Air is sold for around IDR 10 million.

Hasil gambar untuk DJI Phantom 4 Pro

DJI Phantom 4 Pro
Still from the same drone company, DJI Phantom 4 Pro is also worthy for you to have. Classified as the best drone in its class, this device is equipped with a number of sensors and technology that will greatly facilitate you when controlling and taking the desired image. A number of high-resolution sensors placed around the drone can create surveillance in five different directions so as to protect the drone to its full potential. DJI Phantom 4 Pro is able to recognize objects, follow objects, and take pictures consistently. Thus, you can take videos of moving objects more easily without fear of losing focus. In addition, the camera on the Rp24 million drone is capable of capturing many objects at once. No wonder this drone is used to record images of vehicles on the highway.

Hasil gambar untuk GoPro Karma

GoPro Karma
Urbaners, after gaining popularity through its action camera products, this time Go Pro also presents a drone aircraft that is no less sophisticated than previous brands. For you who have never flown a drone, GoPro Karma can be considered. Because the Rp14.6 million drone has automatic take-off and landing buttons without having to move the stick.
Amazingly, this drone can be a mainstay when chasing a moving object. GoPro Karma can reach distances of up to around 50 km / hour. Its stability is very helpful when you take photos that are more focused and clear.

Hasil gambar untuk Walkera GPS QR X800

Walkera GPS QR X800
The next most advanced drone aircraft came from the middle class. That is, this drone is made for beginners at a price that is still easy to reach. One unit of Walkera GPS QR X800 is sold for Rp. 8.5 million. Even though it’s cheap, the quality you can guarantee is guaranteed not to be cheap and is almost the same as other premium grade professional drones. Made using carbon fiber, the Walkera GPS QR X800 drone has a body size that is quite lightweight and strong. Do not believe? You can carry a variety of heavy devices such as DSLRs even in the slot. In one flight, this drone can last up to 40 minutes in the air. Equipped with a GPS feature you will be increasingly easy to regulate the speed of this drone.


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