nginx performance

Nginx or Apache

Still use Apache Server? .. is outdated. Use Nginx, especially if one package with PHP-FPM for PHP Handler is guaranteed perfect. Web will feel light, although thousands of visitors will not feel...
solar cell and wind

Wind and solar power are even more expensive than is commonly thought

There has as of late been a rash of articles saying that breeze and sun oriented have achieved matrix equality, that is, the cost of power produced with them is as...
snapdragon chip

Graphics Phone Snapdragon 845 kick Out iPhone X?

A benchmark leak shows the results of Qualcomm's new chipset test, Snapdragon 845 with some of its competitors. In the 3DMark benchmark that tests graphics performance, Snapdragon 845 successfully outperformed the...

Gmail Users Can “Browse” Right from “Inbox”

Google announced that its e-mail service, Gmail, will be updated with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) technology. this is new innovation from gmail for gmail user. AMP is a Google technology used to...