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whatsapp business, wanna try?

Officially launched, the existence of WhatsApp Business helps many online goods sellers in their day-to-day transactions. Although it was launched a few days ago, there are still many people who do not...
razer phone

Razer Released Razer Phone, Gaming Smartphone with 8 GB RAM

Long awaited, Razer finally announced his first smartphone. The device called Razer Phone was made specifically for gaming purposes. Razer himself did not mention with detail what gaming features are present in...
clip on

BlackBerry Prepare Android Phone with Hidden Double Camera

Since switching to the Android platform, BlackBerry continues to spawn new phones. The upcoming device from the Canadian manufacturer is likely to have a camera with a new design. It is known...

Score “Antutu” Xiaomi Gaming Phone Revealed, Compared Razer Phone?

An image capture (screenshot) of AnTuTu benchmark application leaking a Xiaomi gaming mobile phone. The phone that uses the code name "Blackshark" it scored quite high at 270,680 points. The score is...

Why Apple Product are Expensive

Apple Inc. founded on April 1, 1976 and changed to Apple Computer. Inc. on January 3, 1977, however On January 9, 2007, the word "Computer" was removed to Reflect Apple's focus...
whatsapp payment

WhatsApp Can Be Used to Send Money – whatsapp payment

WhatsApp started providing digital payment features in its short message service. With the title "WhatsApp Payments", the feature is currently newly tested in India for users joining the beta program. Rumors about...
gmail go

Google Released “Gmail Go”, Light and Spam Free

After releasing YouTube Go, Assistant Go, and Gboard Go, Google finally introduced Gmail Go. As always, the "Go" append to tag Google apps in the memory-friendly versions and internet data. Not...
maps go

Google Maps Go Released for “Low End” Android Phone

Google plans to release features for Android Go, which is friendly for low-end phones, one by one begins to materialize. After introducing Google Go and Files Go some time ago, turn...