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isocell - iso cell

Samsung Develops ISOCELL Plus, Weapon Photo “Low-light” on Smartphone

Samsung teamed up with Fujifilm to develop ISOCELL Plus photography technology that is claimed to improve photo quality, especially in low light conditions, for mobile gadgets. The technology embedded in the CMOS sensor makes each...
macbook pro

Laptop MacBook Pro 2015 Discontinue

After approximately three years, Apple officially stop the production and distribution of MacBook Pro 2015. This announcement coincided with the release of the latest MacBook Pro 2018 which is claimed to bring the performance...
google pixel 3

Not yet released, how come Pixel 3 has been sold?

The Google Pixel 3 mobile family has not yet been released, but the leak continues to emerge. In fact, now the cellphone has been sold at a shop in Hong Kong. WahPhone Digital has display...

Web Picture-in-Picture Mode and Reply Privately in Whatsapp

a couple of months after the component was taken off to cell phones over the world. The WhatsApp Web highlight will be taken off with a future refresh, which is said to add a...
xiaomi gaming phone

Xiaomi Black Shark phone Review

Better Cooling system, Optional Gamepad, High quality Processor, Huge RAM and all plus ones. Like dream came true...... Processor in Xiaomi Gaming Phone Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 high-end Processor for smartphones that was introduced in early 2018. This...
exynos 9

Predicted Chipset on Galaxy S10 and Note 10

As before, Samsung's flagship phone to know ahead of Galaxy S10 is predicted to be composed of variants that use two different System-on-Chip, namely Snapdragon made by Qualcomm and Exynos made by Samsung itself. Later...
liquid cooling system in samsung

liquid Cooling System in Samsung Phone

Liquid Cooling system in Samsung Phone. This is not new technology in phone. Predecessor with Galaxy S7 in 2016. Samsung implemented this technology in new phone Galaxy note 9. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has better...
u2f security key decdeg

Twitter Login Can Use “Flashdisk” USB – U2F feature with usb security key

Twitter released a small size flash key (USB) that can be used to lock the user's Twitter account. By utilizing these keys, accounts become more secure and not easily penetrated by hackers or hackers. The...