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windows 10

Microsoft Prepares Windows 10 Lean Edition More Compact

Windows remains the most dominant operating system for use by personal computer devices such as laptops and desktops. Windows 10 early in its presence staying digadang as the last operating system from...
pcb area occupation

HBM Memory or High Bandwidth Memory VGA revolution up to HBM4

VGA technology until 2014 is still scared or constrained because of memory in VGA. Now no longer, because of a new discovery with HBM or High Bandwidth Memory. Memory changes never happen before...
raven processor

AMD Launches Two New Ryzen Processors with Integrated Vega GPU

November last year, Intel made a surprise by announcing a new processor equipped AMD Radeon GPU. The news sparked the question: "When will AMD release Ryzen processor with integrated GPU? Why...
driverless car

driverless cars on public roads in UK

The Office for Transport (DfT) has issued a Code of Training for how driverless autos ought to be tried on UK streets. It features methodology, prerequisites and suggestions for all producers...