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install netstat in centos

instalation|how to install|installing netstat read this article bllow install netstat I have just installed Centos 7 with the minimal installation options, lots of things which were taken for granted by me were not...

install netstat in debian ubuntu or mint

instalation|how to install|installing netstat read this article bllow netstat is a command line tool to view the network connection statistics to/from the machine. With netstat, you can see network connections, routing tables,...
error bind

fix “bind() to failed (98: Address already in use)”

several times ago. i have been update my vps n got some error little trick will resolve this Kill activity in port 80 kill your pid that listen port 80. you can check with netstat -ntpl if...
404 page not found

rewrite rule for WordPress with Nginx to avoid non standart permalink error

nginx error...wait. do you ever compare nginx with another ones People find unable to get permalink work in WordPress when using Nginx stack. It's because Nginx rewrite rule for WordPress has been...
nginx performance

Nginx or Apache

Still use Apache Server? .. is outdated. Use Nginx, especially if one package with PHP-FPM for PHP Handler is guaranteed perfect. Web will feel light, although thousands of visitors will not feel...

Announcing a specification for PHP 7.2

The PHP development team announces the immediate availability of PHP 7.2.0. This release marks the second feature update to the PHP 7 series. whats new ? lets discuss it... PHP RFC: Convert numeric keys...

Client-side vs Server-side Validation in Web Applications

Since the beginning of time, the traditional technique for getting your HTML up onto a screen was by utilizing server-side rendering. It was the main way. You stacked up your .html...